IBDP Coordinator & Teacher at Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School in Japan
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IBDP Coordinator & Teacher
Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School (Japan)

Mar 17, 20
Jun 20, 20

Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School

Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School has been designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as both an Article I Accredited School and also a Super Global High School as well as a UNESCO Associate School. In addition, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) has officially recognized NIHS as anInternational Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

NIHS is committed to the achievement of academic excellence and is characterized and enriched by its English for International Understanding program. The school seeks to promote humanistic values in an interactive, bilingual environment. Finally, the school prepares its students to be compassionate “citizens of the world” who are respectful of differences and are committed both to making a positive contribution to the world and to leading a fulfilled life. 


Frontier Spirit refers to our mission to create leaders rather than followers, to nurture young persons who think creatively and independently and to impart to students the skills and qualities that they will need to become pioneers in the future.



The secondary education that our students receive at Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School is a priceless opportunity for our students to acquire the skills that they need to flourish on the international stage in the twenty-first century. We aim to help all of our students to reach their full potential. For this reason, we have developed a special international curriculum that focuses on two essential skills.

First, we educate our students in such a way that they will be able to take on high-level academic courses of study once they have graduated from our school. We encourage our students to focus on the future, and we give daily guidance and regular college counseling to help them to do so. We seek to cultivate in them a spirit of intellectual inquiry and to give them the basic skills that such inquiry requires. Our school focuses on cultivating practical skills that will lead to rapid academic gains.

Second, for the sake of our students, who will shoulder the burden of preparing Japan for the future, we have designed a special course of studies. We believe that this is no longer an age when students can be successful by studying in one country, in one language and on one campus. We aim to provide our students with the international outlook and education that they need to flourish in the modern world. This is the essence of our educational commitment. We offer a balanced and high-level curriculum that communicates high expectations to all of our students.


NIHS has more than 650 students between Grades 7 to 12 and nearly all of our graduating students continue on to higher education.


The school offers students three distinct courses of study—a six-year integrated junior and senior high school program, an International Studies senior high school program, and a General Studies senior high school program. Students in all three programs study English more hours per week than at ordinary schools and have the chance to travel abroad at least once during their tenure here. In addition, the school offers special after-school programs for TOEIC, TOEFL and SAT preparation, conducts a United Nations General Assembly debate simulation in English and has developed student exchange agreements with schools in seven countries. 


The IB course of study comprises the whole 3-years of high school. In the 1st year, students primarily study MEXT (Monbukagakusho) required subjects, some of which are taught in English. The English-taught subjects serve as preparatory courses for the IBDP. Literature, social studies, math, and the sciences are all taught in English during the first year of High School.

During the 2nd and 3rd years, students are enrolled in the IBDP where they can choose from a variety of subjects within the 6 groups of study. Depending on their academic orientation and post-secondary college choices, students can opt for a humanities-oriented curriculum or a sciences-oriented curriculum. Students enrolled in the IB must opt for three Higher Level courses (HL) and three Standard Level courses (SL), though under special circumstances 4 HL courses may be taken. All courses at NIHS are offered at both HL and SL, unless indicated otherwise.

Active Learning

The emerging focus on active and cooperative construction of knowledge is the real promise of the revolution now taking place in our school and carrying us forward to the school of the future. It’s a vision we are committed to achieving and is one important reason that we have become an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, a UNESCO Associated School and a Super Global High School Associate.

Active and cooperative learners:

  1. Discuss with one another what they are learning.
  2. Ask each other and their teachers about what they don’t understand.
  3. Share their experiences and debate one another.
  4. Teach one another mini-lessons and make presentations.
  5. Identify problems, gather information and solve them.
  6. Engage in role-playing.
  7. Connect what they are learning to what they have learned before.
  8. Learn by working with others as a team.
  9. Take risks and set ambitious learning goals for themselves.
  10. Reflect on what they are learning and how well they manage their time.

Crossing Borders

Every year we host groups of students from our sister schools and from other schools with which we have not yet developed official ties. We have recently hosted students from schools in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, England, the United States, Korea, Taiwan, China and the Philippines. We are currently hosting five long-term exchange students from Belgium, Germany, New Zealand and the United States. Our students have in the past few years spent time abroad at sister schools in England, Singapore, the United States, Canada and the Philippines. It is clear to us that our students and our parents feel that travel abroad should be one pillar of our unique school’s curriculum.

Club Activities and CASA large number of NIHS students seek to improve themselves by participating in extra-curricular activities—sports, cultural activities and creative undertakings. The goal of the club activities is not merely to win in competitions or to become more skillful at a given task. Rather, they are an important way for our students to interact with students from different grades at school. Older and younger students have a great chance to get to know one another and help one another out. Students can forge close friendships throughout their six years at NIHS. Both the Japanese teachers and the Native English teachers help to make our club activities a success for our students.

Campus and Educational Facilities



The spacious central part of our main school building features a stunning three-story atrium. This space features a stage and room for chairs for an audience of many hundreds. We conduct the Opening Ceremony for New Students, the Graduation Ceremony, the Lecture for International Understanding, the Maple Cup Speech Contest, regular lunchtime Wind Orchestra concerts and other important events on this stage. Students regularly use the tables in the atrium to study or to sit and talk with their friends.

Regular Classrooms

All of our regular classrooms can accommodate up to forty students and are notable for their clean, bright environment. Each classroom has at least one wall of glass to admit light. Many have two. The ceilings are high. Projectors and drop-down screens allow teachers to use the Internet and presentations as part of their lesson plans.


World Online Classrooms

The World Online Classroom (WOC) is a special-use classroom that features two projectors and screens. We can simulcast lectures from our affiliated university. In this special classroom, we can link up with schools that are in similar time zones for mutual discussion and debate.


Science Lab

Our new science laboratory meets rigorous international standards and features a fume hood, safe chemical stores and an emergency shower and eyewash station.


Active Learning Lab

NIHS installed the new Active Learning Lab (ALL) this year. The configuration and furnishings are open and flexible. It’s a space that puts students in charge of their learning environment and offers them the tools they need to give full expression to their creative energies.



Students have access to a state-of-the-art E-Library in a circular glass enclosure within the central atrium of the main building. While this library features a modest traditional collection of books for student use, the focus is on providing computer stations allowing students to access electronic archives. Students may connect with the EBSCO Host database at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. This database allows students to access full articles and abstracts from tens of thousands of magazines and journals, including over one thousand peer-reviewed academic journals.


Culinary Arts Classroom

Our culinary arts classroom, which resembles a top-class restaurant kitchen, is extremely popular with our students. We use it mainly for our home economics classes. However, the Native English teachers also use it as a space in which to conduct cooking classes for our Pioneer Kids program.


The East Playing Field

Our school has a 7000 square-meter playing field to the east of our main building. The field is covered with artificial turf. This turf is renowned for its ability to absorb shocks and is thus a salutary addition to our facilities. Students enjoy the protection while they are playing sports in P.E. class and after school while doing club activities.


The West Sports Area

We have created an artificial-turf field, modest in size, next to our gymnasium on the west side of our campus. Our P.E. teachers use it sometimes for classes, and our athletes use the space for warm-up exercises.

Tennis Courts

We have three hard-court tennis courts. When the tennis team won the right to go to the national tournament (“Inter-High”) a few years ago, the school decided to install full lighting as a reward so that students can practice after dark. The P.E. teachers, as well as the tennis team, use these courts.

Wireless LAN Environment

Students can connect to the Internet from any place on campus through our wireless network. We encourage our students to access information through the Internet. This is one facet of our overarching goal to educate our students to be informed global citizens.

Nagoya International Junior & Senior High School (NIHS) is excited to invite outstanding educators to apply for the position of Headmaster. The Headmaster will work with the school leadership team, teachers and staff on accreditation, policy, curriculum, professional development, teacher evaluation, data on learning, co-curricular learning, student recruitment, school events and excursions, international partnerships and other key areas. 


IBDP coordinator & teacher description

Nagoya International Junior & Senior High School (NIHS) is excited to invite outstanding educators to apply for the position of IB Diploma Coordinator & Teacher. The successful candidate will work with the school leadership team as well as the admissions and curriculum committees. Duties will include, but not be limited to, accreditation, policy, curriculum, professional development, teacher evaluation, data on learning, co-curricular learning, student recruitment, school events and excursions, international partnerships and other key areas. In addition, the coordinator may be asked to assist the School with teacher recruitment, screening, orientation, training and evaluation.

The initial contract will be for 2 years. Additional contracts may be negotiated by mutual agreement.

Application Deadline: June 20, 2020
Start date: April 1, 2021

Required Qualifications

  1.  A master’s degree or higher with specialization in education, administration or related fields
  2. Experience with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  3. Experience teaching or coordinating within a reputable IBDP school
  4. Experience working and teaching overseas

Preferred Qualifications

  •  National or state-issued certification as a teacher and/or school administrator
  • IB Educator and/or Leadership Certificate
  • 5 years of teaching and/or IBDP experience
  • Japanese language proficiency (conversation, N3 or higher) will be a plus
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience teaching case method in the classroom

Personal Attributes

  • Is a visible and engaged coordinator in the life of the school
  • Supports a culture of high aspirations in a caring environment
  • Assists with recruitment, retention, and development of faculty and staff
  • Helps plan core academic and associated programs
  • Able to promote the school’s standing in a competitive market

Salary and Benefits

  1.  Two-year renewable contract with a highly competitive salary based on qualifications and experience
  2. Holidays in line with normal Japanese junior and senior high school conventions
  3. Excellent benefits package including health insurance
  4. Individual airfare for a single one-way ticket to Nagoya, Japan from one’s home country of residence
  5. Assistance in obtaining a Japanese work visa


Application Process

The deadline for applications for the position is Friday, December 20, 2019. Applications will be screened and interviews will be arranged on a rolling basis.

Application Materials

Candidates are asked to submit a letter of interest and the requested materials (preferably in PDF) listed below to Ms. Mai Suzuki, Executive Secretary to the General Manager. Please send materials to the following email address:  hr@nihs.ed.jp and msuzuki@nihs.ed.jp

1.       Cover Letter detailing your qualifications for the position

2.      Curriculum Vitae (generally, not more than two pages)

3.      Color photograph (passport size)

4.      Statement of educational philosophy (not more than two pages)

5.      List of publications and courses previously taught (if applicable)

6.      Contact information for two current references

7.      Scans of all certificates, licenses or diplomas earned


For addtional information on Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School, please see their website https://www.nihs.ed.jp/


Please note this school is not a registered member of Search Associates.


Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Julie Ryan was named a National Distinguished Principal by the U.S. State Department and the National Association of Elementary School Principals.