Middle School Associate Principal at Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia
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Middle School Associate Principal
Jakarta Intercultural School (Indonesia)

Sep 3, 21
Dec 10, 21


School Details

With five original students, Jakarta Intercultural School was founded by UN workers in 1951. These pioneers introduced relevant schooling in English for children of expats in the newfound Republic of Indonesia. From early days the school's international identity was clear. It was originally named the Joint Embassy School (JES) after its British, American, Australian and (then) Yugoslavian embassy partners. Just over a decade later, in 1978, JES became Jakarta International School (JIS) and in 2014, Jakarta Intercultural School.

Today, with high expectations for standards based, results oriented, engaged learning and a culture where students seek personal excellence in every pursuit, JIS helps each community member become their best to be best for the world.

As JIS continues its 70-year journey, we value each decade and each learner whose personal story betters our own. With 1,900 students, around 260 faculty, and countless alumni and parents contributing daily to the school's legacy and the world around us, we can only be encouraged, humbled, and motivated to keep learning together for the sake of our students' borderless future.


JIS campuses and facilities support exceptional curricular and co-curricular learning experiences for students in safe, clean, and well-protected spaces. Each campus offers air-conditioned and wireless classrooms; dedicated visual and performing arts theaters; technology labs; age-appropriate library/media centers; cafeterias; as well as swimming pools, fields, covered recreational spaces, and gymnasiums. Each JIS campus offers a serene, tropical oasis for the JIS Community in Jakarta.


Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) educators provide memorable experiences for JIS students. The Middle School (MS) Associate Principal assists the MS Principal in the leadership, development, and management of the instructional program and the supervision of faculty members, host country staff, and students. The primary role of this position is to lead, manage and oversee all aspects of student affairs in the middle school. The person reports to and is evaluated by the MS Principal on the basis of divisional goals and objectives, as well as leadership attributes and acumen. The person in this position brings the JIS vision, mission, and values to life.


  1. Minimum Master’s degree
  2. Relevant administrative credential
  3. Minimum 5 years of experience in a leadership role or in an administrative capacity
  4. Experience in a school with a demonstrated passion middle school and a well-defined middle school philosophy – international setting preferred
  5. Experience with student behavior management and brings a philosophy that is aligned with this age group (11-14)
  6. Knowledge of and experience with middle school curricular programs
  7. Comfort with technology, PowerSchool, and scheduling
  8. Experience with supervision and evaluation of teachers
  9. Experience with hiring and retaining faculty
  10. Experience with developing a master schedule for teachers and students
  11. A clear commitment to child protection, safety, service learning, and environmental stewardship
  12. Demonstrated cultural sensitivity and put diversity, equity and inclusion into practice when making decisions
  13. Experience in working with parents
  14. Knowledge of adolescent development and parenting needs
  15. Experience in leading/coaching teams and individuals
  16. Experience working with different constituent groups, including parents, community members, teachers, and other external professionals
  17. Understanding and ability to apply Professional Learning Community (PLC) concepts
  18. Understand and implement processes that support the collection of student data and establishing protocols for reviewing student life
  19. Student-centered decision maker
  20. A professional who takes initiative, communicates effectively, and has strong interpersonal skills
  21. Demonstrated ability, problem solve, think creatively, and is forward-thinking


  1. Assisting the MS Principal in the implementation, supervision, and evaluation of the middle school instructional program
  2. Assisting the MS Principal in the supervision of the teaching staff, providing for the evaluation of the individual performance in accordance with prescribed procedures
  3. Serving as a member of the schoolwide leadership team; communicating and collaborating with other leaders to achieve school goals
  4. Serving as a member of multiple administrative committees
  5. Supporting PLC focused on improved student learning and achievement
  6. Overseeing Learning Community (LC) program and working closely with the LC team leads
  7. Administers and coordinates all standardized testing for the middle school
  8. The MS Associate Principal in collaboration with the Manager of Indonesian Education Program will ensure alignment with all national standards
  9. Providing commitment and leadership to the middle school student life programs
  10. Supporting schoolwide curriculum development through the articulation of the standards framework and development of units that are aligned with the essential qualities for JIS learners
  11. Ensuring alignment with the High School Program
  12. Developing strong and positive relationships with students through involvement in various aspects of school day and experiences
  13. Assisting the MS Principal in the interpretation and application of pertinent school policies, rules, and regulations, and applying them with good judgment in a variety of situations
  14. Assisting counselors with admissions and orientation of new students
  15. Responsible for the organization and implementation of the middle school pre-registration of courses/with counselors
  16. Responsible for maintaining Student Academic Records, producing report cards and transcripts in conjunction with registrar/counseling
  17. Serving as an active member of the child safeguarding officers
  18. Nurturing a climate of trust and respect through the student body
  19. Responsible for the development of the Master Schedule of classes for the middle school
  20. Responsible for the establishment and implementation of student referral procedures record keeping and parent communication for discipline and attendance matters
  21. Supervising the establishment and implementation of reporting to parents’ procedures
  22. Preparing the MS Student/Parent Handbook
  23. Administering student discipline in accordance with prescribed procedures in the MS Student/Parent Handbook
  24. Administering the drug-testing program
  25. Responsible for staff duty rosters
  26. Chairing the MS Facilities Committee and assuming responsibility for the facilities management process at the middle school
  27. Sharing the representation of the middle school at community functions
  28. Liaising with the Transportation Office on matters of student behavior
  29. Responsible for maintaining an updated emergency evacuation plan for the middle school
  30. Modeling the school’s core values through interactions within the entire JIS community
  31. Undertaking regular training in necessary areas to support ongoing school improvement, peer coaching, and development of middle leadership
  32. Embracing the JIS Learning Dispositions of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Relating, and Reflectiveness
  33. Performing other related duties and assuming other responsibilities as assigned by the MS Principal


Interested qualified candidate, please send your cover letter, resume and 3-5 list of professional references to the Human Resources Manager, Megumi Runturambi, at application@jisedu.or.id

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Robert Barlas is the author of the Teaching Overseas Handbook.