Pre-K Elementary School Principal at Saint Maur International School in Japan
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Pre-K Elementary School Principal
Saint Maur International School (Japan)

Jan 8, 19
Feb 15, 19


Saint Maur International School seeks

Pre-K - Elementary School Principal for the 2019-2020 academic year

Start Date:   August 1, 2019

Application Deadline:     February 15, 2019

The School

Saint Maur International School, the oldest international school in Asia, was established in 1872 by the Sisters of the Infant Jesus to provide children, of all faiths from the international community, with a quality English medium education based upon Christian principles. Its uniqueness and longevity can be attributed to its commitment to being ‘Mission Driven and Vision Led’, and through adhering to its genetic governance and ‘Modus Operandi’ model, which has assured the mission and the pioneering spirit of its founders continue to transcend each generation and be the impetus upon which decisions, at all levels of its operation, are made.

The school which is situated in the historical and residential area of Yokohama, within a well-maintained and purpose-built campus, offers a coeducational education to students representing over thirty nationalities whose ages range from  2 ½ through 18+ . The school is not only known for the quality of the education offered, but equally for the high level of pastoral care provided to students and to members of the school community.

The school’s focus on, and commitment to fostering and creating life-long learners is evident from the successful ‘Adult Enrichment Program’, available to parents and members of the wider community. Such initiatives as the establishment of a ‘Toddlers Group’, an after-school ‘Prime Time Program’, French Elementary Section within the English-medium international school, all demonstrate the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit inherent of the character of the school and focus on ‘Mission.’

History, Mission Statement & Core Values (Mission Driven, Vision Led)

Mission Statement

Providing a quality and nurturing education based upon Christian principles.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to enable each learner to reach his/her full potential, develop a social conscience, and a desire to be an active contributing member of society.

Our Values

At Saint Maur we work to be Moral Citizens, Unique Individuals, Global Citizens, Balanced Learners, and Lifelong Learners.

Our Framework

As a Restorative Practicing School, pastoral care for all learners is emphasized.   Child Safeguarding - ‘Protection of the Vulnerable’ policy is taken seriously within our school.


Since its establishment as a Catholic international school in 1872, Saint Maur International School has been a school community where moral values govern all that we do to help students, parents and staff, reach their full potential. From its inception, the word ‘Catholic’ has always been interpreted as all-embracing and wide-ranging, implying the acceptance of all, regardless of nationality or religious faith.  However, the education offered continues to be based upon Christian principles which focus on enabling one to embrace and celebrate differences and diversity, and through such an appreciation, come to the realization that, as human beings, we have more in common with each other than not. Such an approach has assured good collaboration and a strong sense of true interconnectedness between and among the over thirty nationalities represented among our multicultural students and staff of all faiths and nationalities.

For a comprehensive overview of the school, its long history and all it has to offer, please view our website at

Position Overview

Saint Maur International School is seeking to appoint a Pre-K - Elementary Principal for the 2019-2020 academic year who is skilled, dedicated, positive, proactive, and an experienced instructional leader, who possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He/she should be committed to the school’s philosophy, religious orientation, its ethos,  values, and its genetic governance and ‘Modus Operandi’ model.

The appointee should be child-centered and have a sound understanding of an inquiry-based/holistic approach to learning. Investigations Math, Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop, Structured Word Inquiry, Real Script, International Primary Curriculum Study Units (IPC forms the base of our learning in History, Science, Social Studies and Geography) provide the core curriculum for the Elementary students.  Religious Studies, Music, PE, IT, Art and Maker Space are the other areas making up the curriculum. In regard to Social Learning, our framework is that of Restorative Practices. PAX also comes under this umbrella of seeing Restorative Practices worked out throughout the school day. Understanding of Montessori Education at the Preschool level is also important to gain.

As the appointee will serve as a member of the school-wide Administrative Team, it is essential that he/she has proven skills of working collaboratively and harmoniously with other team members. This is essential, as all Administrative Team members, under the direction of the School Head, are collectively responsible for the overall success, progress and operations of the ‘entire school’. It is essential that the appointee has had experience in a leadership role within a small/medium size Pre K-through secondary school which offered/s externally examined courses such as the IGCSE, IB and AP, and therefore has experience and an understanding of how such external examined courses impact on overall school finances, staffing, scheduling, facility use, etc.


  •  Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership or Master’s Degree with additional qualifications in administration/leadership/Elementary Principal’s Certification.
  • A minimum of four years of teaching and leadership experience, preferably as an Elementary Principal or Assistant Principal within an accredited small/medium sized pre-K through secondary international school;
  • Teaching and administrative experience in a Catholic/Christian international school.

Required Qualities:

  • be in agreement and compliance with the stated school’s ‘Modus Operandi’, its governance model, philosophy, ethos and values;
  • be in harmony with our religious orientation and acceptance of others, which reflects compromise, but does not compromise our own standing, beliefs and values;
  • had a leadership role within a  similar school setting which offered Montessori, IPC/PYP, IGCSE, IBDP, AP curricular;
  • have a genuine interest in the well-being of young children and fostering their full potential;
  • possess the ability to grasp the ‘bigger picture’ of overall school-wide and community needs, and how external agencies/examination boards impact on school-wide finances/budgets, staffing, scheduling, use of facilities, and overall decision making;
  • be reflective, with a positive approach which reflects the collaborative decisions of the Administrative Team, and directives given by the School Head/Deputy Head;
  • thoughtful and decisive when appropriate;
  • a willingness to be a ‘problem solver’ and a part of solutions;
  • personable, welcoming and empathetic and supportive of the needs of a diverse school  community;
  • possess good communication and interpersonal skills, and an ability to demonstrate confidentiality in and out of school, and in their dealings with staff, parents, students and the wider community;
  • assure adherence to those expectations, practices, procedures and regulations stated in our online ‘Student-Parent Handbook’ and other documents, or given by the School Head/Deputy Head verbally/in  writing;
  • must demonstrate trustworthiness and within the confines of the position, demonstrate wisdom in relation to transparency and discretion;
  • uphold the school’s EAL and language acquisition policies, and those which pertain to Student Support, well-being and pastoral care of students and staff;
  • understand current educational data, but recognize their limitations and appropriateness when applying them to the specific Saint Maur educational system and overall Mission and clientele;
  • have experience serving as a member of an accreditation team;
  • proficiency in more than one language is helpful;
  • experience in mentoring, fostering professional growth and coaching teachers;
  • possess a healthy and appropriate sense of humor, is pro-active and can effectively prioritize;
  • able to work within the various realistic constraints which exist within most non-profit small/medium sized pre-K through Secondary Schools whose main form of revenue is derived from tuition fees.

Specific Responsibilities:

As a member of the Administrative Team, the Pre-K -  Elementary Principal will:

  •  work collaboratively as a member of the school’s Administrative Team to foster a strong school-wide community spirit, and alignment in all areas; teaching and learning, school culture and overall well-being;
  • through serving as a member of the Administrative and other assigned teams, contribute towards developing school expectations, practices, procedures and planning; 
  • lead Elementary staff through the various stages of the school’s strategic plan;
  • follow the lead of the Director of Curriculum to assure school-wide curriculum alignment and improvement of teaching and learning and matters pertaining to curriculum development and individual professional goals
  • assure that teachers, parents and students have a good understanding of inquiry-based learning;
  • participate in the Student Services Support Team, and EAL meetings as and when required;
  • work with the elementary team, and school-wide coordinators such as Student Support, and EAL so that a whole school approach to services are coordinated and aligned;
  • be responsible for evaluating teaching faculty/Montessori Assistants in the pre-K through Elementary Departments;
  • be responsible for planning, staffing and evaluation of appropriate Elementary School field trips/overnight trips;
  • supervise the Elementary teaching process, and reviews and evaluates the program within the pre-Elementary School;
  • oversee and supervise, when applicable, in and after school activities, to include the Elementary Student Council;
  • make known to the School Head staffing and budgetary needs, and as directed, assist with staffing needs;
  • be responsible for leading staff and managing resources;
  • be responsible for the deployment of teachers and assignments of their responsibilities in consultation with the School Head/Deputy Head;
  • oversee the pastoral care, behavior and welfare of all students in the pre-K through Elementary School;
  • assure that staff have an understanding and ability to apply best practice in differentiation and inclusion within the classroom;
  • collaborate with the Deputy Head and Secondary Principal in sharing job descriptions and working on educational paths and accreditation;
  • work closely with the School Head, Deputy Head, Director of Curriculum, and Montessori staff to assure a smooth transition for students entering the Elementary School, and likewise, to work with the Secondary Principal to assure a seamless transition for students transiting into the Middle School Gr. 6.;
  • assist in the student admission process as directed by the School Head/Admission Directors;
  • when requested by the School Head, represent the school.

* Please note that the above represents a general overview of the responsibilities and attributes required for the Elementary Principals’ position, and are not therefore all-encompassing.

 How to Apply:

Applicants should submit a letter of application addressed to

  •  an updated CV/resume;
  • copies of teaching credentials/transcripts; a statement outlining their personal educational philosophy;
  • a (2-5/maximum) minute video showing the candidate talking about what they can contribute in the role of Elementary Principal to Saint Maur International and its overall mission and community;
  • indicate their status, e.g. married, single, with partner, and possible accompanying dependents.  

The Human Resource Team with the School Head, after reviewing the initial applications will contact those candidates deemed suitable in regards to the next step in the application and selection process.

Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us ( that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Ralph Jahr has worked in Japan, Belgium, Liberia, the Philippines, Kuwait, Pakistan, and the Dominican Republic.