Primary Principal at Western International School  of Shanghai in China
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Primary Principal
Western International School of Shanghai (China)

Aug 27, 19
Nov 1, 19


Primary Principal (to begin August 1, 2020)

Western International School of Shanghai

The Primary Principal is responsible for all operations of the Primary grades and will work closely with the Director, Early Years Principal, and Secondary Principal. It is expected that the Primary Principal will also work closely with teachers and staff and delegate tasks to other members of the team as necessary for completion in a timely and efficient manner. The Primary Principal supervises the Primary Deputy Principal, Primary PYP Coordinator, Grade Level Coordinators and Teachers, EAL Teachers, and Primary Staff.

Preferred qualifications and experience:

  • At least three years of successful international PYP experience
  • At least two years of experience as an educational leader
  • An advanced degree in education

Desirable attributes:

  • Ability to prioritize projects and tasks and respond to simultaneous requests from several directions
  • Ability to initiate and manage change in the work environment
  • Ability to identify problems, achieve effective solutions, and resolve conflict
  • Ability to communicate competently and confidently

Candidates should be able to demonstrate that they:

  • Are aligned with the vision, mission, and values of WISS
  • Collaborative, respectful, and responsible
  • Passion and commitment to the aims and objectives of the PYP programme
  • Are skilled in educational leadership and are able to inspire others
  • Have the awareness and ability to make reforms
  • Are committed to ensuring high standards of teaching and learning
  • Have high level expectations for students and faculty
  • Understand the difficulties and the merits of studying a second language
  • Are organised, efficient and clear in thought
  • Are internationally-minded
  • Are approachable with a sense of humor
  • Are calm and composed
  • Are innovative, flexible, and patient
  • Are technologically adept
  • Are capable of managing resources and a budget
  • Have the ability to respond with appropriate consideration to the feelings of others

Interested candidates should send an application package to Dr. Greg Brunton, Director, at 

Application package:

  • A letter of application, no longer than two pages, explaining your strengths as a candidate, how you align with the WISS philosophy, and why you are interested in the position
  • A current CV not to exceed two pages with photograph attached
  • A personal statement, no longer than two pages, outlining your personal philosophy of education and leadership
  • A list of 3-5 professional references to include your current supervisor
  • You may include letters of reference if you wish (optional)
  • All of the above items must be scanned into a single pdf attachment and e-mailed directly to Greg Brunton at with the subject heading of “Primary Principal Application”

Successful candidates will be asked to interview.  A final decision will be made by the 1st of November 2019, or sooner, if an appropriate candidate is found before then.

Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us ( that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

Did You Know…?

Search Associates is a family-owned business founded by John Magagna, former international educator. After working with her father for ten years, daughter Jessica Magagna is now President.