Principal (Head of School) at Branksome Hall Asia in Korea
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Principal (Head of School)
Branksome Hall Asia (Korea)

Appointed - Position has been filled
Oct 7, 13
Nov 29, 13

Principal Branksome Hall Asia

The Board of Governors, Branksome Hall Asia seeks to appoint a new Principal from August 2014.

Our mission…

“Each day we Challenge, and Inspire girls to love learning and shape a better world”


Branksome Hall Asia is an international day and boarding school for girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. (Boys are admitted from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3.)

Branksome Hall Asia provides an exceptional learning environment in a pristine natural environment for its students. Branksome Hall Asia is located on Jeju Island, South Korea, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


We seek a Principal committed to building community, service and empowerment of our students and staff.

Our vision…

“To be the pre-eminent educational community of globally minded learners and leaders.”


The school is an IB World School providing all three IB programs, our first graduates will be in June 2015. The school was established in 2012 and the facilities are exceptional, boasting an Olympic indoor swimming center within a state of the art wellness center, a STEM V education hub, Performing Arts Center, modern residential facilities and an Olympic standard ice arena opening in 2015. The school was awarded first prize in the national architectural and construction awards in 2012. Branksome Hall Asia also provides a mandatory and inclusive student exchange program that enables all students to live and learn with their peers in Branksome Hall, Toronto inclusive in the fees. Teacher professional development and exchanges are also important elements of this global exchange program.


Branksome Hall Asia is the sister school of Branksome Hall, Toronto, Canada’s premier school for girls with a history of 112 years.


As an outstanding contemporary educational leader, the Principal will provide leadership across all facets of school life for over 800 students and 100 faculty. In 2015 we expect to have a resident student population of 400 girls. High energy, articulate and a powerful advocate for women’s leadership, girls’ education and our mission, the Principal will inspire the school community, uphold the values and ethos of Branksome Hall and ensure its continued development and success.


K-12 International and/or Independent school experience and a deep understanding of girls’ education are advantageous.


Short listed candidates will participate in a three-day evaluation workshop that will include faculty, staff,

community and student meetings, panel discussions, interviews and a presentation to faculty, staff and the Board of Governors.


Peter Kenny


Branksome Hall Asia




“Each day we challenge and inspire girls to love learning and to shape a better world”




The leadership of Branksome Hall Asia will focus on:

  • The quality of teaching and learning 
  • The commitment to service in all facets of the schools programs and activities
  • A commitment to the empowerment of women
  • The development of a broad, balanced and relevant IB curriculum;
  • Attaining high standards of achievement, in the broadest sense;
  • The development of a challenging curriculum that provides for excellence in the languages of English, Korean and all Mother tongue support programs
  • Curriculum and professional innovation;
  • Excellent communication with all stakeholders; and
  • The establishment of a development plan that confirms the mission, aims and objectives of the school in terms of the achievable outcomes.
  • Authentic leadership of the faculty and staff of Branksome Hall Asia within the Mission and Vision of Branksome Hall
  • The establishment of Branksome Hall Asia as a leading educational institution in Asia


The Principal will report directly to the Director of Branksome Hall Asia and assume the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Strategic planning in collaboration with the Director of Branksome Hall Asia;
  • Selecting and appointing faculty and support staff, in line with the school’s mission;
  • Giving leadership within an IB-curriculum which matches the aims, values and vision of the school and its stakeholders;
  • Providing strategic direction for the school, taking into account its international mission and its cultural composition;
  • Initiating and contributing to a school development plan in collaboration with the Director of Branksome Hall Asia with measurable success criteria which involves all necessary stakeholders and is jointly owned by them;
  • Translating the aims and values of the school into high standards, creating an ethos of high expectations and challenge for all;
  • Creating a learning community in which all members have a desire to inquire, evaluate and challenge thinking;
  • Efficiently and effectively deploying resources to maximise value for money and to ensure accountability;
  • Oversee the leadership, operations and growth of the Admissions, Residence, Academic and Facility Management programs at the School, Ensuring equality of opportunity, so that all understand the school’s policy and practice;
  • Collaborating to and with the Director of Branksome Hall Asia in regard to strategic development, operations, associations, issues and planning with all stakeholders; and
  • Establish a collegial and progressive working relationship with Senior Leaders and faculty at Branksome Hall Canada.


In association and collaboration with The Director of Branksome Hall Asia the Principal’s roles and responsibilities are described below:


  1. The Principal will recommend policy to and for approval by the School Governing Body and be responsible for the implementation of the policy by the teaching and support staff of the School.
  2. Annually, the Principal will prepare the School Development Plan for the approval of the School Governing Body, setting out the strategy for achieving the policy.
  3. Working with the Director, the Principal will select all teachers, staff and other employees. The Principal will involve Senior Leaders and the School Governing Body to assist in selection of senior teachers, staff and other employees of the School, such as Deputy Principals and the Business Manager.
  4. The Principal will offer places to students of the School through the application of the admissions policy.
  5. The Principal will be responsible to the School Governing Body for managing the School and achieving the objectives in the School Development Plan.
  6. The Principal will communicate, cooperate and coordinate with Haewul (The educational foundation entity) and/or other schools and communities within the Jeju Global Education City.
  7. The Business Manager of the School will prepare an annual budget for the School and, with the approval of the Principal, submit it to the School Governing Body for final approval.


Professionalism and Behavior 


In addition to focusing on the development of Branksome Hall Asia, the Principal will be expected to contribute fully to Branksome Hall globally.


As the lead member of the Senior Management Team the incumbent must demonstrate the following attributes in carrying out their key duties and responsibilities:


       A commitment to the mission, vision and core values of Branksome Hall;

       A trust in the team;

       A demonstration of responsible, highly professional action and public unity;

       Transparency in communication;

       Leadership by example;

       Collaboration to resolve issues; and 

       The ability to take the role seriously without taking themselves too seriously.



Organizational Structure


The Principal is the academic leader, reporting directly to the Director of Branksome Hall Asia. Additionally, the Principal has authority to hire and supervise all faculty and staff. The Principal will submit Board reports seven business days prior to scheduled Board meetings and when requested by the Chair. An annual performance review of the Principal will be conducted by the Director.




Key Accountablities



Lead a team of faculty and staff to produce a high-quality, international IB education

Branksome Hall Asia achieves healthy faculty recruitment & retention targets. Faculty were motivated to help achieve school’s aims

Lead innovation in learning and teaching so that the school is at the cutting edge of developments and a beacon to other schools in Asia

Innovation is actively pursued and outcomes are disseminated as a positive influence across Branksome Hall

Lead the development of the curriculum to authorized IB program (PYP, MYP, DP)

Authorization and successful review of all three IB programs on schedule and ongoing, high-quality curriculum development is achieved

Lead the professional development of all faculty, as the lead teacher/learner in the school

Systematic PD program for all is aligned with performance management + SDP priorities

Foster the development of innovation, university links, cross Branksome Hall program and the schools links within IB and appropriate associations

Professional development is fostered through the school faculty being involved proactively in research and in networking – creating a lively professional community

Meet student enrolment targets on an annual basis

The school achieves targets set collaboratively with the Board of Governors annually

Direct the development of a quality assurance framework to ensure effective self evaluation

Self-evaluation findings are incisive, and empirically based. Findings are congruent with those found in external evaluations

How to apply:

Applications for this position are being accepted immediately and will close Monday, November 29th 2013.


Search Associates has been engaged to lead the Principal search on behalf of the Board of Governors. Applications and expressions of interest should be sent to OR


Only short listed candidates will be contacted.


Candidates should send:

  1. A letter of interest
  2. A statement of educational philosophy
  3. A current Curriculum Vitae
  4. The names and contact details of three professional referees
  5. Applications are to be emailed in PDF and not exceed 10mb

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