Principal (Head of School) at Hiroshima International School in Japan
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Principal (Head of School)
Hiroshima International School (Japan)

Jun 4, 21
Jul 31, 21

Principal (Head of School) to start August 2022
School Details

Hiroshima International School is an independent, co-educational, PreK-12 international school of approximately 140 students located in the beautiful foothills of Hiroshima City. Founded in 1961, this well-established international school maintains a close, family-oriented atmosphere. The school delivers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program.

Position Qualifications

I. Overview
The Principal is the Chief Executive Officer of Hiroshima International School and is appointed by the Board of Directors
The Principal bears the ultimate responsibility for the operational management of the school

II. Expectations
As the educational leader and operational head of the school, it is expected that the Principal will:
- demonstrate an explicit commitment to the philosophy and vision of the school as determined by the Board of Directors;
- exhibit a broad and deep understanding of school administration and management in an international context;
- keep abreast of educational developments and research;
- communicate effectively with all school constituencies;
- serve as an effective ambassador for the school both locally and internationally;
- ensure that the school’s operations are based on ethical and professional standards;
- maintain an effective working relationship with the Director General and Board of Directors based on mutual respect, trust, confidentiality and an - understanding of the distinction between management and governance;
- exhibit and model a respect for the culture, language and beliefs of the school’s host country, Japan.

III. Duties and responsibilities
The main duties and responsibilities of the Principal include:
- ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students and school employees;
- ensuring that the curriculum and programmes used throughout the school meet the educational and developmental needs of the school’s students;
- reporting to the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees in writing and in person as required;
- being a member of and participating in required Board committees;
- advising the Director-General and the Board of Directors as appropriate of significant developments, opportunities or challenges which may have an impact on the school;
achieving the short- and long-term strategic goals as determined by the Board of Directors;
- the recruiting, managing and evaluating of all teaching and non-teaching staff;
- recommending to the Board the dismissal of teaching and non-teaching staff;
- appointing to required positions of responsibility within the school staff of appropriate skill and experience;
- the direction and deployment of teaching and non-teaching staff to best meet the needs of the school’s operations;
- ensuring that the school operates and functions efficiently and effectively at all levels;
- ensuring that the school operates and functions in strict accordance with all Japanese laws;
- preparing, managing and monitoring of the annual financial budget;
- the preparation and publication of an annual academic calendar to ensure the effective delivery of the required number of instructional days;
- representing the school at educational and other appropriate events;
- maintaining the school’s status as an institution accredited and authorised by recognised professional organisations

IV. Qualities Sought
The Principal is expected to exert leadership in all areas related to the academic program and the operational management of the school:
- S/he will lead a small established international school with potential for growth at an exciting time for IB schools in Japan, with the country’s Ministry of Education very interested in promoting IB education
- The Principal is responsible to the Board and will be required to push the continued implementation of the existing School Improvement Plan derived from the school’s re-accreditation and program evaluation action plans
- In order to achieve this the Principal will require a solid background in finances, facility development and education

IV. Required Qualifications
- Demonstrated successful experience both teaching and supervising in an academic institution in a foreign country
- The Principal shall have International Baccalaureate experience.
- Five years of teaching experience and/or educational administrative experience at the secondary school or elementary school level: while this experience may be a combination of both teaching and administrative experience, a minimum of at least three years of educational administrative experience is required. Further, at least three years of teaching and/or educational experience must have been acquired while serving in a country foreign to the candidate’s native country
- An advanced graduate degree in education or a related field (MA, Med, PhD, EdD)
- Excellent written and oral English skills
- Ability to communicate with stakeholders from diverse cultures
- Experience with and expertise in preparing an annual institutional or sectional operating budget
- Experience of living in Japan, with some proficiency and knowledge in the Japanese language and culture

V. Preferred Qualifications
- Demonstrated successful experience with strategic planning, school finance/ budget building, facilities development, school accreditation and Board governance
- A proven record of building and promoting a learning community
- Demonstrated success in recruiting and retaining an excellent faculty
- Demonstrated success in building high quality educational programs
- Experience in formulating and executing marketing strategies

VI. Personal Attributes / Characteristics
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- A good listener with a collaborative administrative style
- Honesty, integrity, compassion, and a good sense of humour
- Ability to generate trust with all constituent groups
- Strong organizational and proven problem-solving skills
- Ability to balance the interests, perspectives, and resource allocations of the primary and secondary schools
- Cultural openness, sensitivity, and understanding of other cultures
- Willingness to stay beyond the initial 3-year contract
- Consensus builder who can generate support for decisions that are made with the best interests of the school and/or students in mind
- Ability to articulate a shared vision for HIS
- High energy, enthusiastic, visible, approachable, open minded, with a passion for his/her profession.

Salary and Benefits

The salary and benefits package for the Principal is commensurate with the responsibilities of the position, including but not limited to:
- a competitive salary
- housing allowance
- settling-in allowance
- health insurance
- professional development allowance

Application Procedure

Please submit, preferably in separate PDFs, the following materials:
• A cover letter (no longer than two pages)
• A résumé
• A statement of educational philosophy and leadership practice (no longer than two pages)
• A list of five professional references with name, relationship, phone number, and email address of
each (references will not be contacted without the candidate’s permission)

The committee reserves the right to close the recruitment period early if they identify an exceptional candidate.

Application documents, inquiries or questions should be sent to:
Dr Susan Meiki

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Robert Barlas is the author of the Teaching Overseas Handbook.