Principal at YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten in China
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YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten (China)

Feb 24, 21




YueCheng Education


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Position announcement: Principal, YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

An outstanding opportunity to lead a pioneering approach to play-based, child-centred early childhood education in China.


YueCheng Education

YueCheng Education (YCE) pioneers a new kind of education in China, providing high-quality, internationally-minded education for 2-18-year old students. YCE is firmly focused on progressive education that is personalized and challenging. YCE’s constituent institutions include not-for-profit schools Beijing City International School (BCIS) and the YueCheng Kindergartens. Other educational projects include YueCheng Education Research Institute, the Learning Frontier and the Reading Frontier. You may please learn more about YCE by visiting


YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten

YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten, conveniently located in the Shuangqiao area of Chaoyang District, is a member institution of YueCheng Education, which opened in 2019. The kindergarten features a unique campus design of ancient and modern, China and the world, which allows children to engage in inspiring, open and connected learning spaces. So far, the kindergarten has won many international awards including the A+ Awards, known as the "Oscars in Architecture". Following the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) standards, the kindergarten’s facilities include: open learning spaces, an indoor gym and theater, rooftop and outdoor play spaces, hands-on STEAM maker-space, perceptual motor development facilities, teaching kitchen, a parents’ center and much more.

Crystallizing the pioneering and innovative experiences of providing international education for years, YueCheng Education has created the YueCheng Kindergarten Curriculum that enables young children to learn through investigative play. While providing high-quality international education, the kindergarten also honors the best of Chinese language and culture, creating a dialogue between the past, the present and the future.

All children at YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten are empowered to enjoy a positive, purposeful and healthy life, understanding how to be, to live, to learn and how to create, becoming confident and creative learners as they begin their educational journey.

The position

The Principal of YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten is a senior leadership position, with overall responsibility for the campus. He or she will have considerable freedom in implementing the curriculum, which is based on the foundational principles outlined above. The Principal works in close collaboration with the school’s Chinese Director who will be responsible for government relations and the management of the buildings and facilities. The Principal also collaborates closely with YCE’s Chief Academic Officer who provides research and professional development support for all YCE institutions.

The fundamental role of the Principal is to ensure a seamless fusion of the best of China and the world in implementing this pioneering, child-centred, dual language program, which will be taught by teams of expatriate and Chinese teachers.

Prior to assuming duties, the appointee will receive a thorough orientation in the social, academic and cultural considerations that will be important to the successful implementation of this important role.

Reports to: Chief Academic Officer

Collaborates with:

 Chief Operation Officer

Chief Communication Officer

Director, YueCheng Educational Research Institute

Chinese Director, YueCheng Kindergarten

Principal, YCE Parkside Kindergarten


Responsibilities will include the following:

  • Provide overall leadership for the Courtyard Kindergarten
  • Ensure that the academic program is implemented in alignment with the mission, vision, and values of YueCheng Education.
  • Ensure that the written and taught curriculum is aligned to the YueCheng Kindergarten guiding statements.
  • Ensure a safe and secure environment for students, teachers, and staff
  • Provide inspirational leadership for the education and welfare of the children
  • Lead ongoing development of the curriculum, and of the assessment and reporting of student progress
  • Lead the professional development of teachers, assistant teachers, and teacher assistants
  • Develop and maintain excellent relationships with parents in support of student education and welfare
  • Provide an ongoing education program for parents
  • Implement the enrolment and retention of students in alignment with YCE criteria and guidelines
  • Implement the recruitment, orientation, appraisal, motivation and retention of teachers
  • Establish and maintain high professional expectations for all teachers and staff
  • Ensure the provision of high quality educational resources
  • Support and participate in promotional activities
  • Ensure the understanding and implementation of all YCE policies and procedures
  • Liaise with the Director of YueCheng Educational Research Institute and with the heads of other YCE schools and institutions
  • Provide regular reports to the Chief Academic Officer of YCE

Qualifications and desired attributes:

  • A profound appreciation of the power of education to contribute to the creation of better future;
  • Philosophical alignment with YCE’s mission, vision, and values and with the guiding statements of the YueCheng Kindergartens
  • Early childhood or pre-school education qualification;
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience as an early childhood educator;
  • Strong leadership capacity; evidence of effective school leadership preferred
  • Experience of and/or commitment to developing a future-oriented curriculum including personalized learning and investigative play;
  • Experience of and/or commitment to collaborating in the development and implementation of a bilingual/dual language program for early learners;
  • Strong desire to lead in a school which fuses the best of local and international educational principles and practices in order to create something that is better than either;
  • Strong desire to work with both local and international teachers and to work in, and facilitate the creation of, collaborative teams;
  • Desire to work with local student and parent population;
  • Excellence in communicating orally and in writing;
  • The ability to gain and maintain the confidence of highly motivated teachers, parents and students;
  • High emotional intelligence, including the capacity to respond with compassion and firmness while maintaining the respect of parents, students and colleagues from different cultures;
  • A leadership style characterized by inclusiveness, appropriate transparency, approachability and support while remaining decisive and accountable;
  • A sense of humor and ability to see the good in all and presume positive intentions;
  • Growth mindset;
  • Flexible thinking;
  • A strong interest in living and working in China.

Remuneration package

The attractive salary is commensurate with the seniority of the position. The benefits package includes furnished housing, medical insurance, annual home leave airfare for employee and family, excellent professional development opportunities, and the benefit of belonging to a highly engaged educational team within a warm, caring and innovative community.

An expatriate parent of school-age children will be granted up to two full-fee discounts on places at the YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten (1.5 to 6 years of age), YueCheng Parkside Kindergarten (1.5 to 6 years of age) or at Beijing City International School, depending on the child’s age and subject to student enrolment criteria and availability.


If you wish to apply for this important leadership position, please send a letter of application and resume / CV as soon as possible to the YCE HR department, at the following address:

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed and shortly thereafter finalist candidates will be invited to Beijing to visit with the school, along with spouse, if applicable. The names of professional referees will be asked to be submitted prior to interview in Beijing.

Application deadline: open

Start date: August 2021

YueCheng Education is an equal opportunity employer.


Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Robert Barlas is the author of the Teaching Overseas Handbook.