PYP Coordinator at International School of Paris in France
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PYP Coordinator
International School of Paris (France)

Appointed - Ann LE DIRAISON
Apr 8, 14
Apr 20, 14


The International School of Paris is looking for:

An IB PYP Coordinator – Ref: IBC310314


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education
  • Experience in a PYP authorized school
  • Preferably a working knowledge of French
  • European working papers

Please send a curriculum vitae, cover letter, and names and e-mail addresses of three professional referees to with the reference number IBC310314 in the subject line of your message.

Deadline: Sunday, April 20, 2014

The IB PYP Coordinator works 38 weeks over the school year; 190 days

Preferred starting date: August 18, 2014

Please note that there is a 50% teaching commitment within this position.

The International School of Paris Vision, Mission & Philosophy


The Vision for the International School of Paris is to benefit from the diversity of its community in creating well-educated, internationally-minded citizens.


The Mission of ISP is to create a challenging and motivating English-speaking environment where students and staff from around the world use the programs of the International Baccalaureate Organization and work in harmony to develop every student’s full intellectual and human potential.


  • Every student has an individual and a cultural set of experiences, skills and interests which must be considered in the teaching and learning process.
  • A diverse student body enriches the School community and provides a wealth of experience and resources.
  • A thorough education includes the development of the qualities of compassion, tolerance, respect for the rights and cultures of all people, the skills for the peaceful resolution of conflict, and the development of environmental responsibility.
  • School should prepare young people to provide leadership to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.
  • School should foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourage intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.
  • Achievement in the physical, expressive and creative arts is an essential part of a holistic education.
  • The School is a community, and social awareness, thoughtful interaction and effective communication among students, parents and staff are fundamental to its wellbeing.

Description of the School

The International School of Paris is a successful Nursery – Grade 12 school, founded in 1964 to provide an education in English for the diplomatic and business communities in Paris. We are the only English-speaking school within the city of Paris with Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary School sections. We are located in six buildings in the 16th arrondissement with the Secondary School being near Trocadéro Park and the Primary School 15 minutes walk away. This is very close to many embassies and headquarters of international companies and is consequently very convenient for families living in or near Paris. The majority of parents are in Paris because of their professional background and have high academic aspirations for their children. Almost all of our graduates go on to university, either in their own country, or in the UK or the USA.

We have more than 60 nationalities represented in a student body of about 700, and the school therefore offers a rich, multicultural educational experience. Our classes are small (5-24 students), allowing a close student-teacher rapport. We are the only school in France authorized to offer all three of the International Baccalaureate programmes – PYP, MYP and Diploma.

PRE-PRIMARY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL (ages 3 to 11): The school has offered the IB Primary Years Programme since the authorization in June 2004. The latest PYP evaluation visit took place in 2012. ISP’s Primary School is a warm, friendly learning environment where, in addition to developing the skills and attributes of the PYP, we use the scope and sequence documents of the PYP for all subject areas.

SECONDARY SCHOOL (ages 11 to 18): The IB Middle Years Programme is in place in Grades 6 – 10 and we were authorized in March 2003. We have offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme since 1985. We are the only school in the Paris area to concentrate exclusively on the IB Diploma, and our results are always above the world average, with a large number of bilingual Diplomas awarded.

ISP was re-accredited by the Council of International School (CIS) in 2012.

Outside the classroom we offer a varied roster of after-school activities including soccer, basketball, baseball, table tennis, theatre, Model United Nations, yearbook, band, choir, student council, Environment Club and others. Teachers are encouraged to contribute to the pastoral and extra-curricular activities.

IB PYP Coordinator

The IB Coordinators fulfil important leadership roles. Each is responsible for the effective organization of a curriculum program and contributes to policy formation. Together with members of the management and administration, they assist with the admission of new students. Each is responsible to the relevant Principal.

The general responsibilities of the IB PYP Coordinator are to:

  • To coordinate all IB activities of his/her section of the school
  • To liaise with the IB regarding the PYP
  • To maintain IB publications and school records in regard to the IB program
  • To ensure that the school meets all IBO regulations and deadlines.
  • To notify the Business Office of any payment due.
  • To contribute to marketing the IB program, within and outside the school.
  • To maintain communication with the Head of School, Principal, administration, faculty and parents regarding information about the program. This will include holding regular minuted meetings with the staff and parents.
  • To develop an Assessment Timeline for the academic year in collaboration with the Principal
  • To  monitor and develop Assessment, Assessment tools  and Reporting in cooperation with the Grade Level Coordinators
  • To advise and assist in formulating school policy.
  • To communicate with the IBO regional office regarding program evaluation visits.\To oversee curriculum review and facilitate curriculum development around the themes of internationalism, holistic awareness, communication and cultural understanding.
  • To develop an understanding of the other IB programs in order to aid articulation of the curriculum.
  • To identify, facilitate and encourage professional development opportunities in relation to the program.
  • To be involved in the selection of new members of staff, and then to work with principal to introduce and orientate them to the program.
  • To advise the principal on the program-related expenses and keep track of these.
  • To submit materials required for the Head of School’s annual report.
  • Maintain student discipline and oversee student welfare.


The specific responsibilities of the IB PYP Coordinator are:

  • To work with the 5th Grade teachers and students on the exhibition.
  • To organize weekly curriculum planning meetings with the teachers.
  • To mentor and to model good inquiry practice in the classrooms
  • To act as a point of first contact for any matters relating to curriculum
  • To maintain open communication with staff especially in relation to curriculum matters.
  • To provide IBPYP training for staff members.
  • To facilitate collaborative planning.
  • To provide support for and conduct appraisal procedures for Primary School teachers in conjunction with the Principal.
  • To ensure that a student council is created and meets regularly
  • To teach 10 hours contact a week :


o   To teach the classes assigned by the Primary Principal.

o   To be informed about the aims and curriculum of the area in which he/she teaches and select the lesson content and activities which are appropriate to the needs of each student in his/her class(es), in relation to the school’s philosophy and objectives.

o   To maintain records of work covered by his/her class(es).

o   To correct regularly and promptly all assignments completed by students.

o   To keep accurate, complete records of the progress of each student.

o   To inform parents of students' progress by way of report cards and, where necessary, letters or individual meetings.

o   To be available for all parent-teacher conferences.

o   To attend all relevant meetings, including planning meetings.

o   To submit to the Primary School Principal copies of all letters sent to parents.

o   To keep him/herself informed, by way of personal files, of all factors relevant to each student.

o   To be familiar with new developments and methods in the teaching of his/her field.

o   To ensure appropriate behavior of students in class and around the school.

o   To keep the administration and Grade Level Coordinators informed about student absence, lateness or discipline problems.

o   To maintain inventories of all textbooks and materials issued to students and to ensure the return of these.

o   To care for the classroom(s) in which he/she teaches. To ensure that the room(s) is/are attractively decorated and conducive to learning.


This responsibility will be carried out in consultation with the Primary School Principal and the Primary School Leadership Team.




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