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Senior School Principal
Munich International School e.V. (Germany)

Feb 9, 2024
Apr 5, 2024



Search for Senior School Principal

Grades 9 through 12; IB MYP & DP


Description of Vacancy

Munich International School invites applications from highly qualified and enthusiastic candidates to become our next Senior School Principal. The position will begin in August 2025 for the academic school year 2025/26.

The Senior School Principal is among the most important educational leaders in the school. The principal is the chief champion, guardian, and guarantor of high-quality teaching and learning in the Senior School (grades 9-12). They are responsible for instructional leadership, curriculum development, and the daily success and management of the school. The Senior School Principal reports to the Head of School and collaborates with the School Leadership Team (SLT) as well as with all middle-level leaders and teachers in the Senior School to ensure that the educational, pastoral, and physical systems of the school support a professional, highly competent, caring, holistic, and effective educational experience for students.

The Senior School Principal at Munich International School serves the students, parents, teachers, staff, administration, and Board of MIS in leading and overseeing the strategic development and daily management of the Senior School. In doing so, they must comply with relevant local laws, the Board Policy Manual, relevant school handbooks and manuals, employee contracts (including the school's collective bargaining agreements), works council agreements, and the school's guiding statements.

The Senior School Principal is both an aspirational leader and a hands-on contributor. The principal models the educational outcomes of the school and inspires and encourages others to do the same. The principal’s duties include both defined responsibilities that can be enumerated as well as obligations that may arise spontaneously from the nature of the role.

Munich International School in Brief

Munich International School is a well-established, private, independent, non-profit, parent-owned, co-educational day school. It was founded in 1966 and has been an IB World School since 1980. The school takes pride in supporting its students not only to achieve academic excellence, but also to develop physical, social, and metacognitive competencies necessary for them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The school is governed by a parent-elected Board of Directors, the members of which serve three- year terms. The Board appoints a Head of School who, together with the Deputy Head of School and the Chief Operations Officer, are responsible for the executive leadership of the organisation.

The School's Curriculum

Munich International School educates students between the ages of 4 and 18. The school delivers three International Baccalaureate curricula: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP). The PYP is offered from early childhood through grade 4. The MYP is offered in grades 5 through 10. The DP is offered in grades 11 and 12. MIS is one of only a few schools world-wide that has elected to implement an MYP "Transition Year" in grade 5 (rather than conducting the PYP through the end of grade 5).

Our Faculty

The strength of a school lies primarily in the strength of its people. MIS is fortunate to host over 270 outstanding faculty and staff members, who come from 27 different countries. All teachers and school leaders are certified educators and have been additionally evaluated by the educational authorities of the state of Bavaria to ensure a high level of preparation and professionalism.

Campus and Facilities

Located on 26 acres of protected nature preserve, MIS has a campus that is spacious, integrated with nature, and endowed with modern teaching facilities and exceptional outdoor spaces.

Facilities include:

  • the historic Schloss;
  • the Junior School Building with a dedicated auditorium, library, and full-service cafeteria;
  • the Middle School Building with rooms for individual music instruction, a dedicated auditorium, science laboratories, and a learning kitchen;
  • the Senior School Building with a 400-seat performing arts center, science laboratories and black-box drama classrooms;
  • the Languages, Arts and Design Centre (LADC), which boasts visual arts studios, specialised design classrooms, an auditorium, a counselling center, a 500 square meter makers' laboratory, and collaborative spaces for students and teachers;
  • the Fitness and Athletics Building (FAB) was opened in August 2022. This facility serves as a whole-school assembly hall (for up to 1800 people), contains four full-sized gymnasia, and hosts a fitness center, a dance studio, and an exercise science classroom;
  • and our Olympic-sized, eight-lane track and field complex.

Primary Responsibilities of the Senior School Principal at MIS

Instructional Leadership

 Together with the Deputy Head of School (DHoS) develop policies for and oversee the deployment of instructional strategies aimed at effective teaching and learning for all students. This includes the selection and implementation of resources, materials, and methods to support students in acquiring conceptual understanding, developing target skills, and learning selected content knowledge in collaboration with the relevant Coordinators and Heads of Departments.

Professional Learning

Collaborate with the DHoS to inspire, encourage, and support innovative teaching and learning practices that are responsive to students' interestsvand needs. Nurture and empower a community of professional learning through multiple opportunities for feedback and growth.

Student Wellbeing

Ensure that structures and practices are designed to enhance students' social and emotional health and wellbeing. Promote the importance of healthy, well-balanced experience in the Senior School, including by promoting and supporting the Student Life Programme in the Senior School.

Student Agency and Voice

 Create and support opportunities for students to voice their opinions and perspectives to improve their learning experience. Empower students to take on leadership roles and pursue their passions and interests.

Reporting on Student Learning

Oversee and continuously seek to improve the school's reporting processes, including report cards and digital platforms for documenting and communicating student progress and transcripts (in collaboration with the School Leadership Team).


 Develop, document, and continuously improve the educational curriculum of the Senior School, using student performance data and feedback from students, teachers, and parents, and maintaining alignment with the Junior and Middle Schools (in collaboration with relevant Coordinators, Heads of Departments the School Leadership Team).

Assessment of Student Learning

 Implement and interpret the results of systems to monitor student  learning and growth. This includes external assessments used for benchmarking and policies used internally to determine how, when,and why teachers employ assessment strategies to regularly measure and promote student learning (in collaboration with relevant Coordinators, Heads of Departments and the DHoS).

Teacher Recruitment

Recruit, select, and provide orientation for the most competent, committed, and caring teachers (in collaboration with the Head of School and Heads of Departments).

Student Support

Develop, monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve systems to provide academic, language, and pastoral support for students (in collaboration with the DHoS, relevant Heads of Departments, relevant Coordinators, and specialist teachers).

Implementation of IBMYP & IBDP

Possess sophisticated understanding of the aims and methods of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and implement those programmes effectively in grades 9 through 12 (in collaboration with the MYP and DP Coordinators and the School Leadership Team).

Student Admissions

Recruit, screen, and select students for admission to grades 9 through 12 (in collaboration with Heads of Departments,Coordinators, the Admissions Team, and the School Leadership Team).

Teacher Growth & Appraisal

Participate in and, in some cases, lead implementation of the teacher growth and appraisal programme. The principal collaborates with the HoS, the DHoS, and other relevant leaders to support teacher learning, growth, well-being, and accountability.


Initiate and sustain meaningful and clear communication between school and home, and with all kinds of partners and members of the MIS community.

Strategic Planning

Think strategically about school improvement and development and participate proactively in the strategic planning and implementation process.


 Oversee the scheduling of lessons and the assignment of teachers and classrooms to maximise conditions for student learning and growth.

Daily Management

Manage staff and resources, including substitute teachers, to ensure smooth and effective daily operation of the Senior School.

Promotion of School

Participate actively in school events and promotional activities meant to increase community spirit and positive relations with the wider community.


Leadership Qualities of the Senior School Principal at MIS

Focus on Student Learning

Possess thorough understanding of curriculum and instruction at Senior School-level, collect meaningful data on student learning, and proactively improve teaching, curricula, and organisation of the Senior School to maximise student learning.


Possess clear principles that drive decision-making and the treatment of people across the organisation. Have a high level of emotional intelligence, self-control, and appreciation of the value of diversity.

 Transformational Leadership     

Be not only individually effective but also promote institutional effectiveness by setting-up and orchestrating successful teams, removing impediments to progress, and articulating a compelling vision that inspires others to want to contribute and do their very best work.

Respectful and Caring

Explicitly value the contributions of others, express confidence and positive expectations, and recognise and address the needs of all members of the community.

 High impact Leadership

Make an impact, influence others, and gain commitment. Employ thoughtful, deliberate, and systematic strategies to move people to action and achieve meaningful change and progress over both the short and long term.

Vision and Conviction

 Communicate and be motivated by an ambitious vision of student learning and school development. Believe strongly in the value of international education and be driven to tackle difficult challenges in the name of achieving excellent results for students, teachers, and families.

Fact-based Decision-making

Base decisions on data, factual analysis, and the school's guiding statements and policies, rather than on consensus or mandate. Use data and factual analysis in such a compelling way that others are persuaded to support. Be willing to change decisions based upon new evidence and additional input.

Able Communicator

Listen actively and communicate clearly and respectfully. Empower others by creating channels for meaningful communication and authentic input.

Strategic Thinker

Recognise and reflect on patterns and connections and think creatively and analytically about school improvement. Focus on the most important principles and work, creating simplicity, focus, and consensus around key priorities.

Statement of Encouragement for Women and Minorities

 We believe that proactive measures to recruit and promote a diverse work and leadership force can help to counteract the systemic challenges that traditionally face many people in our society. This includes, among many others, people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQ+ people. We believe that these people must have an equitable voice in the work of schools. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.


  •  Applications deadline: Friday, 5 April 2024, but review of applications and interviews will begin immediately, and an appointment will be made when the right candidate has been identified.
  • Start date is 1 August 2025.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Education: Preferably a master's degree or above (with at least one degree in the field of education or educational leadership)
  • State/national teacher's and/or administrator's certification
  • Significant experience and/or leadership with the IB's programmes
  • A record of successful leadership in a position at secondary level

What we offer:

Munich International School (MIS), based in Starnberg, South of Munich, is an innovative international school for students aged 4-18. Inspirational teachers and staff create a caring and nurturing learning environment that motivates all students to be globally-minded, academically successful, well balanced and prepared for future challenges and responsibilities.

We offer a work environment with a highly qualified team of educators and staff members. With over 55 years of experience as an international school and more than 40 years of experience as an IB World School, MIS is an environment with profound experience and a tradition of transforming the lives of students.

We offer a competitive benefits package, a tuition grant for dependent children attending MIS, and the opportunity for continued professional growth and development. The initial contractual term is for two years.

How to apply:

 Please submit the following items at this link:

  • Letter: A letter of interest (limited to one page, please)
  •  Short video: A simple 3-5 minute video of yourself responding to the following three prompts (a video recorded using the camera of your mobile phone or laptop is absolutely acceptable): - Introduce yourself and tell us what draws you to this opportunity. - Tell us why you think you are uniquely qualified to lead our Senior School. - How do you know that you are successful at your current job? We will be focusing primarily on the content of the video not on the production value.
  •  Résumé: A CV listing work experience and educational qualifications (limit to two pages, please)
  •  References: List of current references whom we can contact with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers

Where to direct questions:

You can find out more about Munich International School from our website, or by contacting our Human Resources Department at .

 Munich International School e.V. · Schloss Buchhof · 82139 Starnberg, Germany ·

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Bill Turner’s international teaching career has taken him to Sudan, Italy, Qatar and the UAE as well as his home country of England. His very first teaching position was in rural Sudan.