Vice Principal/Director of Academics at United World College Changshu China  in China
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Vice Principal/Director of Academics
United World College Changshu China (China)

Appointed - Ian Graham
Nov 7, 13
Dec 30, 13



UWC Changshu China seeks to hire founding team

 UWC Changshu China has received Preliminary Approval from the UWC International Board as of October 2013 and is anticipated to open in 2015, pending Final Approval from the UWC International Board. The school has been granted Candidate status by the IBO and is working towards Authorization.

Located on lakeshore in Changshu, Suzhou (100 km from Shanghai), UWC Changshu China will be a three-year pre-university college and boarding school for 500 students between the ages of 15 and 19 at full capacity. The school was established by the UWC National Committee of China with the generous support of the local government of Changshu.

35% of students will be from diverse backgrounds in China, and 65% from even more diverse backgrounds from over 80 countries. Most students will be competitively selected by UWC national committees and will receive needs-based scholarships. A pre-defined and limited number of students will be admitted directly to the school based on UWC selection criteria.

“UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” Students at the school will study a one-year Pre-IB course followed by a two-year IB Diploma Programme (DP) in English. The school’s educational programme will focus on Chinese studies, environment stewardship and youth leadership.

UWC Changshu China seeks applications from highly motivated and suitably qualified school leaders and teachers actively committed to the UWC mission and the particular focus of UWC Changshu China for the following roles:

Vice Principal / Director of Academics  (to start Aug 2014)

Closing date for the above:  Dec 2013.

 Vice Principal / Director of Academics

Core responsibility

The VP Academics reports directly to the Head of School and has overall responsibility for the quality of the academic program

Position demands

The VP Academics will be a flexible, forward thinking instructional leader, who is comfortable with the challenges arising from the establishment of a new school. UWC Changshu is seeking candidates who have significant experience in international school management and who will be able to provide evidence of successful senior leadership practice. Experience of IB Diploma Coordination is essential and a UWC background would be an advantage.

If you are interested please visit our website ( for more information or write to us at

Thank you!

Xiaohang Sumner

Director Designate UWC Changshu China.


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