Director of Teaching and Learning at Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia
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Director of Teaching and Learning
Jakarta Intercultural School (Indonesia)

Sep 20, 21
Oct 25, 21


POSITION: Teaching and Learning Coordinator

 REPORTS TO: Head of School

 CONTRACT TERM: 2 School Years (2022-2024)

 JOB OPENING: 21 September – 25 October 2021

 External: we reserve the right to end the recruitment process once a suitable candidate is found

School Details

With five original students, Jakarta Intercultural School was founded by UN workers in 1951. These pioneers introduced relevant schooling in English for children of expats in the newfound Republic of Indonesia. From early days the school's international identity was clear. It was originally named the Joint Embassy School (JES) after its British, American, Australian and (then) Yugoslavian embassy partners. Just over a decade later, in 1978, JES became Jakarta International School (JIS) and in 2014, Jakarta Intercultural School.

Today, with high expectations for standards based, results oriented, engaged learning and a culture where students seek personal excellence in every pursuit, JIS helps each community member become their best to be best for the world.

As JIS continues its 70-year journey, we value each decade and each learner whose personal story betters our own. With 1,900 students, around 260 faculty, and countless alumni and parents contributing daily to the school's legacy and the world around us, we can only be encouraged, humbled, and motivated to keep learning together for the sake of our students' borderless future.


JIS campuses and facilities support exceptional curricular and co-curricular learning experiences for students in safe, clean, and well-protected spaces. Each campus offers air-conditioned and wireless classrooms; dedicated visual and performing arts theaters; technology labs; age-appropriate library/media centers; cafeterias; as well as swimming pools, fields, covered recreational spaces, and gymnasiums. Each JIS campus offers a serene, tropical oasis for the JIS Community in Jakarta.



The Teaching and Learning Coordinator collaboratively leads and supports the school to become an exemplary learning-focused school. The coordinator leads the faculty and staff in implementing sustainable and embedded 21st-century learning at JIS. This position reports to the Head of School (HOS) and works collaboratively with the SW Leadership and in particular, the principals. This role shall be evaluated annually by the HOS based on this job description and objectives established on a yearly basis.


1. Minimum Master’s degree, preferably in curriculum and instruction or similar

2. Minimum five years of experience in teaching in K to 12 schools and in curriculum practices

3. Experiences as a K-12 Curriculum and/or Teaching and Learning Coordinator or Director

4. Proven experience in curriculum and assessment development

5. International experience preferred

6. Demonstrated strategic planning and systems development experience

7. Demonstrated experience serving on accreditation teams or coordinating accreditation visits

8. Demonstrated initiative, leadership, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

9. Demonstrated proficiency in developing and leading learning-focused school improvement

10. Models a persistent and passionate commitment to student learning

11. Knowledge of curriculum frameworks and models, as well as curriculum management systems

12. Deep understanding of best practices, current research, and trends in curriculum and assessments

13. Group leadership skills including strategies for involving people in decisions and building teams

14. Strong organizational, time management, and technology skills

15. A clear commitment to Child Protection, safety, service learning, and environmental stewardship



1. In the areas of the curriculum:

  • Leading, modeling, and communicating the JIS shared vision, mission, values, and Learning Dispositions
  • Collaborating with the HOS, Principals, and SW Leadership to ensure the curriculum is guaranteed, viable, and taught
  • Leading the School in the development of a dynamic, articulate, and engaging 21st-century international curriculum, supported by research and data
  • Working with SW Leadership, faculty leaders, and faculty to ensure quality units of learning
  • Working with faculty to ensure that the curriculum cycle is fluid, that standards are adopted and reviewed for effectiveness and appropriateness for our school
  • Working with faculty to ensure consistency of practices and supporting curriculum articulation and implementation
  • Leading or co-leading subject(s) in review through the curriculum review process for continuous school improvement
  • Supporting the CIS, WASC, and National (SPK) accreditation processes
  • Working with the Indonesian Education Department and Indonesian principal on processes needed for the national system
  • Updating, documenting, and managing all resources related to the curriculum, including the assessment principles and practices, and teaching and learning principles and practices
  • Presenting curriculum and assessment presentations to various constituents in the community including SW leadership, faculty, Board of Trustees, and parent groups

2. In the areas of assessment:

  • Working with the HOS, Principals, SW Leadership, and faculty in the implementation of the JIS assessment principles and practices
  • Working with the HOS, Principals, SW Leadership, and faculty in the ongoing collaborative review of learning data and evidence for learning
  • Developing the assessment and data literacy capacities of middle leaders to support learning teams in data-driven goal setting and decision making
  • Leading and supporting faculty in the use of qualitative and quantitative use of evidence for learning to make instructional improvement
  • Leading the development of a comprehensive and centralized schoolwide philosophy, reporting system, and processes
  • Coordinating schoolwide assessments, including communication of results with all stakeholders
  • Leading the development of a schoolwide data management system that provides reliable and efficient access to student learning data and qualitative and quantitative evidence for learning

3. In the areas of instruction:

  • Leading and supporting sustained learning-focused professional development, including support for key JIS teaching and learning competencies
  • Collaborating with SW Leadership and faculty in the development of a Professional Learning Community (PLC)
  • Coordinating and supporting professional learning programs that are aligned with strategic directions

4. In the areas of strategic planning/thinking:

  • Working with the Board of Trustees, HOS, Principals, SW Leadership, and faculty in the strategic planning and development of learning-focused systems and strategies
  • Updating and revising annually JIS Strategic Plan to ensure priorities and targets for School improvement are reached
  • Working with the SW Leadership team and faculty on accreditation processes

5. In the areas of leadership:

  • Working with SW Leadership to ensure the school practices and policies are applied consistently

6. In the areas of professional development:

  • Working with HOS, Principals, and SW Leadership in implementing the professional learning protocols
  • Managing the Professional Development funds, criteria, and process
  • Coordinating, supervising, and supporting schoolwide professional learning opportunities
  • Collaborating with building principals in support of developing professional learning opportunities relevant for each division

7. Preparing and managing the annual budget for curriculum and assessment and professional development

8. Embracing the JIS Learning Dispositions of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Relating, and Reflectiveness

9. Performing other related duties and assuming other responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School

10. *Will eventually build a Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum team of professionals to lead out and support all teaching, learning, and curriculum initiatives for JIS

*This is a Director Level position but because we are unable to use the title of Director in Indonesia, in Indonesia it will be named as a Coordinator.


Interested qualified candidate, please send your cover letter, resume and 3-5 list of professional references to the Human Resources Manager, Megumi Runturambi, at

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Robert Barlas is the author of the Teaching Overseas Handbook.