Elementary Assistant Principal at American International School of Johannesburg in South Africa
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Elementary Assistant Principal
American International School of Johannesburg (South Africa)

Aug 19, 19
Sep 13, 19


The American School of Johannesburg seeks Pre-K to grade five Assistant Principal for its

Johannesburg Campus to commence July 2020


AISJ is seeking an exceptional educational leader for its Johannesburg Campus beginning July 2020.  


The AISJ community is seeking applications from individuals motivated to advance best practices and foster teaching excellence. The Johannesburg Campus Assistant Principal needs to be able to serve a diverse and transient community, honoring our social context of South Africa. It is essential that this individual be able to manage the changes and challenges inherent in delivering a high quality educational program against a backdrop of flattening enrollment. In addition, the Johannesburg Campus Assistant Principal will be a key driver in implementation of the school’s ambitious and innovative strategic vision for the Johannesburg Campus. 


A detailed position overview including qualifications, attributes and job responsibilities is included at the end of this document.  


School Description 

The American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ) is a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 co-educational school founded in 1982. It offers a standards-based curriculum which develops the understanding, knowledge and skills base for all students to be successful.  AISJ strives to offer a diverse and balanced program across the Four Pillars of Academics, Athletics, the Arts, and Service. The school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools in the United States. It is also a member of the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE), the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).  


The school comprises two campuses. The original school is in Johannesburg and is a campus serving Pre-K through grade 12. An additional campus is in Pretoria and serves Pre-K through grade 8; the Pretoria Campus works closely with the Johannesburg Elementary and Middle Schools while retaining its own intimate atmosphere.   


ASIJ offers an American/international curriculum which is strongly inquiry and conceptually driven, leading to an IB Diploma Program and an American High School Diploma Program in the high school.  A highly committed staff of local and international teachers, administrators, and support staff make the school a warm and welcoming environment for students and parents alike. The Johannesburg Elementary School currently has a faculty of 46 resulting in a staff/student ratio of less than 1:7; this includes a Principal, full time Assistant Principal, and a full time Counselor. With students from over 100 countries and no single nationality forming a majority, the school is truly diverse in culture, background and perspectives. The school has a long history of community service and its service-learning program is integrated into the curriculum across all grades and is a graduation requirement of the High School.  



AISJ was founded in 1982 to serve the needs of the expatriate community in Johannesburg. In 1984, it settled in the current Johannesburg location in the northern suburbs set on almost 80 acres of undulating grounds overlooking greater Johannesburg. In August 2002, AISJ opened the Pretoria Campus to accommodate an increasing expatriate population in the northern city which is the diplomatic capital of South Africa.  



Johannesburg is a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis full of energy and diversity. It is very much the business and corporate capital of southern Africa with its well-developed infrastructure. It is known for its outdoor lifestyle and temperate climate. A short drive away lies the historic Cradle of Humankind. AISJ is near game parks and many expansive recreational areas.  


The Johannesburg Campus of 80 acres, 42 kilometers south-east of the Pretoria Campus, has a beautiful semi-rural setting midway between the ancient Magaliesberg hills to the north, and the towers of Sandton to the south. The campus is notable for its indigenous trees and flowers, world-class theater and athletic facilities, spacious walkways, courtyards and architecture. A short drive away lie both affluent suburbs and the sprawling township of Diepsloot, making the country’s disparity between rich and poor immediately apparent. 


 Click here to take virtual tours of the Johannesburg and Pretoria campuses. 


Student Body 

Current enrollment on both campuses is 1100 students. The Johannesburg Campus currently enrolls 275 Pre-K through grade 5 students in the elementary school. 


Teaching and Learning at AISJ 

The divisional principal is responsible for teaching and learning within their division with the support of a teaching and learning team. A Director of Teaching and Learning and instructional coaches staff the Teaching and Learning Center along with the Director of Technology. Technology Integration Coaches operate in each division. AISJ’s dedicated Teaching and Learning Center is the professional development hub for educators in Africa. 


An extensive Teaching and Learning action plan was developed in 2011/12 along with the implementation of new teacher standards with accompanying rubrics based on the work of Hattie (2010). Focus is on curriculum planning using Understanding by Design and incorporating differentiation to meet the needs of diverse learners, as well as integration across the curriculum. As part of the work the school developed its own Professional Teaching rubrics which are to be extensively reviewed in 2017/18 in light of the new strategic plan. 


Click here to view the Teaching and Learning Portal. 


Strategic Direction 

The school’s strategic direction was solidified during the 2015-16 academic year through an extensive community process. The work resulted in the development of Leading School Indicators and an innovative learning-centered Strategic Plan. During the process, the school’s vision was reaffirmed, and the mission statement and core values were reviewed and modified:  


Vision - Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed, and courageously make a difference 


Mission Statement - Inspired Learners: Connected, Creative and Courageous 


Core Values 

  •  Honesty, integrity, and accountability are fundamental
  •  Personalized, differentiated, authentic, and inspired teaching and learning are essential for achievement and growth
  • A culture of continuous improvement is critical to success
  • Diversity and inclusion encourage open-mindedness and empathy
  • Learning is cognitive, creative, active, and purposeful
  • Creativity, adaptability, curiosity, and inquiry equip us to thrive in a changing world
  • Strong community is built through participation, communication, collaboration, and mutual respect
  • Contributing positively to society is our responsibility

Work on the Strategic Plan began in August 2016 and is slated to be accomplished by 2020. Three Strategic Goals were set, as well as a set of specific objectives and measures to provide a definitive work agenda for each Strategic Goal.  


Strategic Goals:

  1.  Conceptual: To develop conceptual thinkers by providing meaningful opportunities for learners to apply acquired knowledge, skills and understandings to different contexts.
  2. ConnectedTo develop interconnected learners who have the skills, understanding and desire to collaborate and actively engage with the world.
  3. PersonalizedTo develop engaged and motivated learners by supporting them in ways that are relevant to their life, interests, and ambitions.

 Click here to view the Strategic Plan


In addition, AISJ developed six Leading School Indicators to serve as ongoing benchmarks and standards the school is committed to monitoring and maintaining as a leading international school. Sub-indicators and measures were developed and are reported on annually.  


Leading School Indicators:

  1.  AISJ considers student learning to be the highest priority.
  2. AISJ attracts, develops, and retains excellent teachers and leaders.
  3. AISJ offers a balanced, well rounded program.
  4. AISJ students achieve strong academic results.
  5. AISJ values a diverse and inclusive community with its ethos and actions.
  6. AISJ has the resources and finances to support and grow its programs.

Click here to view the LSI sub-indictors and measures 


Future Challenges 

AISJ has committed to an aggressive agenda in actualizing its Strategic Plan. Critical to supporting that agenda will be the ability to work closely with the Principal and the Teaching and Learning team to collaboratively develop and embed the three strategic goals of Conceptual, Connected, and Personalized Learning.  


Position Overview 

The Assistant Principal will be an instructional leader who collaborates closely with the Principal in education leadership of the Johannesburg Campus. The Johannesburg campus Assistant Principal needs to be able to serve a diverse and transient community. The Assistant Principal is required to work closely with the Teaching and Learning Team and will assist the Principal in the implementation of curriculum and the development of best instructional practices that include personalized, conceptualized and connecting learning. This will require an extensive knowledge of curriculum and experience leading change within an educational setting. The Assistant Principal will supervise and evaluate teachers and be responsible for monitoring student learning. 


Qualifications and Experience

  •  Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership or Master’s Degree with additional qualifications in administration/leadership 
  • Prior administration experience in international schools
  • Quality and relevant teaching and leadership experience at the elementary school level
  • Experience and understanding of best practices in inclusion with both Special Education and ELL Students
  • Experience with the implementation of a conceptually based, personalized, and connected curriculum focusing on inquiry, integration, and differentiation practices using the Understanding by Design Framework
  • Experience in leading effective professional growth
  • Experience in standards-based assessment and reporting
  • A deep understanding of the developmental needs of elementary school students
  • Experience in analyzing student learning data
  • Experience creating and managing student information in student information systems (PowerSchool) 


  •  Desire to work with the entire AISJ community to provide excellent educational opportunities for students
  • Positive attitude and consistent approach
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others
  • Is a highly flexible thinker
  • Takes initiative, is self-motivated, dynamic, energetic and creative
  • Builds strong, positive working relationships with colleagues
  • Has a deep understanding of students’ needs at the elementary level
  • Follows through on decisions
  • Ability to motivate and inspire 

Performance Responsibilities 

  •  Provide instructional leadership throughout the campus
  • Assist and support the Principal in the recruitment of faculty and support staff
  • Assist in the development of curriculum initiatives and monitor their success
  • Continuously supervise teachers and provide constructive feedback on teaching and learning
  • Ensure consistency and alignment of curriculum throughout the division
  • Understand and implement best instructional practices, particularly in literacy and math
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of standards and benchmarks and their effective use in designing and assessing effective units of inquiry
  • Lead teachers in the development of integrated units of inquiry ensuring alignment throughout the campus
  • Implement and lead the utilization of systems to collect and analyze student data, including the use and interpretation of MAP data to monitor growth and inform practice
  • Facilitate effective and purposeful collaboration around student learning
  • Lead parent education sessions that clearly articulate the curriculum being taught
  • Effectively and proactively supervise and manage student behavior and work closely with parents to address concerns 
  • Assist and support the Principal in leading effective professional development opportunities
  • Promote a sense of community and school spirit within the campus and across the elementary school
  • Ensure collaborative development of divisional and individual professional growth
  • Work collaboratively with others to create effective school schedules
  • Contribute to and participate in AISJ learning events including the Classroom Without Walls experience
  •  Stay current with the latest education research 


Salary and Benefits 

Salary is highly competitive and will be commensurate with qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. Benefits include a tax free salary, housing, health, life and long-term disability insurance, annual home leave, shipping allowance, a generous retirement contribution, and tuition benefits for K-12 school age dependents.  


Candidates wishing to learn more about the American International School of Johannesburg should visit www.aisj-jhb.com. 

Application Process 


Application Process

In order to complete the AISJ application process, please click link on the AISJ website vacancy portal and complete the electronic form. Information captured on this form will be stored on a secure database and will be used to complete a quick reference check on vacancy compatibility. Please take note all faculty couples need to submit individual applications.


Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us (Admin@searchassociates.com) that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

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