Head of Elementary at NIST International School in Thailand
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Head of Elementary
NIST International School (Thailand)

Sep 29, 20
Oct 16, 10

To learn more about NIST, visit www.nist.ac.th, to read through the full position statement PDF  Click Here. Please submit your application directly to Employment@nist.ac.th  by 16 October 2020 with the following attachments:

  • A cover letter outlining your application and how you feel that your background aligns to NIST's mission, values and vision
  • Your CV (maximum of three pages)
  • A statement of your educational and leadership philosophy (maximum of one page)
  • Names and contact details for four referees (if not included in your CV), including your current supervisor/head of school





Our Head of Elementary School is the pedagogical and organizational leader for the elementary school. Working with the members of the Elementary Leadership Team, the Head of Elementary has overall responsibility for the quality of the educational programmes and professional practice of the teachers and staff. The Head of Elementary is also a member of the NIST Leadership Team that works toward ensuring the unity of practice and purpose across the school as a whole. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Maintain an unwavering focus on improving student learning.
  • Ensure, to the best of their ability, that all members of our community are safe and secure, especially our students.
  • Manage an effective and efficient elementary school.
  • Support the overall NIST strategic plan.
  • Generate and maintain a positive, mission-aligned ethos for the elementary school

Main Working Relationships

  • Head of School, Elementary Leadership Team, Director of Teaching & Learning, Head of Secondary, elementary school committees and administrative staff

Specific Roles & Responsibilities

Curriculum & Assessment

  • Works with the Director of Teaching & Learning to develop and implement an appropriate curriculum in line with the school’s aims and objectives.
  • Assists the Head of School in the construction and implementation of a whole-school curriculum strategic review plan.
  • Creates, publishes, and provides regular updates for curriculum and assessment guides which summarize the educational programme and are issued to faculty and the parent community.
  • Ensures the effective delivery of the curriculum in collaboration with the deputy heads of elementary.
  • Maintains an awareness of current curriculum developments.
  • Develops and reviews assessment and reporting procedures and monitors the issue of semester reports, while ensuring alignment with the secondary school.
  • Helps to collect, organize, and analyze student learning data to inform improvements to student learning and teacher practice. 


  • Liaises with the Director of Admissions, admissions testing officer and Head of School about student entry into, placement in and withdrawal from the school.
  • Manages new student orientation in elementary.
  • Ensures that appropriate documentation is provided for leaving students.
  • Arranges appropriate meetings and assemblies of the student body, as well as parent-teacher and student-led conferences.
  • Ensures enforcement of policies and regulations related to student attendance, welfare and conduct.
  • Ensures that due attention is paid to student rights and responsibilities.
  • Ensures that clear student expectations and guidelines are published.
  • Liaises with the school transport operators, the Director of F&B Services and the Director of Athletics & Activities to ensure that appropriate student behavior is enforced.
  • Establishes guidelines for student activities and field trips.
  • Works through the safety, security, health & environment team and child safeguarding team to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of elementary students are prioritized.


  • Directly oversees the work of the deputy heads of elementary.
  • Directly oversees the work of the elementary office staff.
  • Oversees the work of elementary team leaders, subject team leaders and specified whole-school subject team leaders.
  • Implements the school’s agreed appraisal scheme for evaluation of all elementary teachers, academic assistants and office staff.
  • Provides information to the Head of School as requested when contract renewal for elementary teachers, academic assistants and office staff are being considered.
  • Assists the Head of School in the hiring of local and overseas teaching staff and academic assistants.
  • Ensures that teachers receive appropriate support in the performance of their duties.

Professional Development

  • Encourages teachers to take to full advantage of the professional development opportunities available aligned with the overall NIST strategic plan.
  • Where appropriate and in collaboration with the Director of Teaching & Learning, conducts internal in-service sessions or arranges for the involvement of qualified presenters.
  • Ensures that appropriate reports are presented to the school when teachers attend in-service sessions away from school to promote effective communication and implementation of ideas.
  • Sets own personal and professional goals, reviews these with the Head of School and monitors their progress towards them.


  • Coordinates and implements appropriate orientation and information sessions for students, parents, teachers and members of the wider community.
  • Liaises with parents to ensure sound relationships are developed, and facilitates appropriate contact between teachers and parents.
  • Ensures regular written communication to parents is developed by elementary staff.
  • Conducts regular group meetings with parents such as information evenings, open house and coffee mornings.
  • Meets with, or assigns a representative to meet with, elementary parents who have specific concerns.
  • Submits content related to the elementary school to the Communications Department as requested and required. 
  • Ensures that the elementary school is promoted through appropriate articles in external publications.
  • Liaises with other international schools in order to enhance both the school’s development and its profile.
  • Checks regularly with the Head of Secondary to ensure a whole-school focus.
  • Channels suggestions for curricular and institutional development to the Head of School.
  • Regularly briefs the Head of School on all matters of significance pertaining to the elementary school.


  • Holds regular meetings of teachers and academic assistants to deal with matters of interest and significance relating to the work of the elementary school.
  • Works with senior leadership in the construction of the whole-school calendar.
  • Ensures that dates for all activities specifically involving the elementary school are entered into the calendar on an ongoing basis.
  • Provides the school timetabler with all elementary school information necessary to the construction of the school timetable.
  • Oversees the maintenance of all student files, records and class lists.
  • Assists in the development of a master plan for development of the elementary school in line with the school’s short-term and long-term goals.
  • Oversees the planning and running of the PYP completion ceremony and other special events.


  • Maintains an understanding of all aspects of financial management of the educational programme for the elementary school.
  • Assists the Head of School and CFO in the preparation and management of the elementary school budget.
  • Works with the Head of School and CFO to ensure adequate resourcing of educational materials for the elementary school.

Teaching & Other Duties

  • Performs teaching duties as required
  • Attends all meetings as required by the Head of School and develops reports when required.
  • Performs other duties appropriate to the role as assigned by the Head of School.

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