Head of School at International School of Zanzibar in Tanzania
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Head of School
International School of Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Nov 30, 20
Jan 15, 21


Position Posted November 2020

Deadline: January 15, 2021 Effective: August 2021



The International School of Zanzibar (ISZ) is a parent-owned, non-profit, co-educational day School with programmes for students aged 2 through to year 13.

The International School of Zanzibar was founded in 1988 by a small group of parents who wanted to provide their children with an International Education. The grounds on which the school stands on today were provided by the Government of Zanzibar. The school initially started with nursery and primary and grew steadily with the addition of a Library in 1997 and a secondary block in 2007. Further plans are in progress to construct new classrooms in 2021 to accommodate our A-level programme.

At ISZ we believe in educating the “whole child” which means that in addition to core competencies, academic skills and knowledge, our educational model incorporates teaching social competencies which are universal to many cultures across the world.

This is an exciting opportunity for an inspirational and passionate Head of School to lead a growing successful International School in Zanzibar.


Mission and core values

Mission: To provide balanced and innovative international education that enables students to achieve their individual potentials, while preparing them to be successful citizens who make positive contributions to society and the world.

At ISZ we believe that the learning experience is most effective when students:

  • Find the work challenging and enjoyable;
  • Are internationally minded;
  • Take responsibility for their own learning;
  • Display respect for each other;
  • Can connect learning from one lesson to the next;
  • Experience a variety of learning approaches;
  • Are given time to think creatively and critically;
  • Are encouraged to become independent learners;
  • Are given the opportunity to work collaboratively;
  • Know what is required for success;
  • Receive regular and frequent feedback with clear strategies for improvement; ? Are encouraged to reflect on what they have learned;
  • Have their achievements celebrated.

School Motto: Nurture, Empower, Lead


Strategic Plan - Five Pillars

1. All About Learning - To empower students to reach their full potential by making learning student centered and valuing the voice of students in the school.

2. Creating Global Citizens - To educate children to become positive members of local societies and the world.

3. Shaping A Sustainable Future - To develop physical and human resources to provide the best possible learning environment.

4. Providing Efficient Finances - To provide responsible and sustainable management of resources that enables the school to implement its mission & vision.

5. Delivering Transparent Governance - To deliver effective, accountable, and consistent governance that is based on community spirit and trust.

Governance and Leadership

ISZ is Governed by a 7 member Board of Trustees who are elected at an annual general assembly and, in accordance with school by-laws, serve terms of two years with the possibility of re-elections for an additional two years. The Head of School serves as an “exofficio” non voting member of the Board. The Head of School is responsible for the day to day administration of the school and is assisted by a Primary Principal, Secondary Principal and the Operations Manager; the Educational Leadership Team.

The student council provides one avenue for student leadership and student voice and participation and choice is actively encouraged.

Campus and Location

Geographically, Zanzibar is renowned for its beautiful white beaches that line the coast of the island and clear turquoise water and is a perfect location for those who have a love for the outdoors. The idyllic beaches of Zanzibar are only a 45 minute drive away. The International

School of Zanzibar, a small but exceptional school is set in beautiful spacious grounds in a quiet residential area close to the historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The school welcomes students representing over 30 nationalities and celebrates its rich cultural diversity. At the present time, ISZ has a student body of 137 students.




The school consists of preschool through to year 13. The School follows an IPC (ages 5-12 years), IMYC (ages 11-14 years), IGCSE (ages 14-16 years) and A-Levels based curriculum.


Administration and Faculty

The administration team is made up of the Head of School, the School principals and the Operations Manager, also known as the Educational Leadership Team (ELT). ISZ employs a total of 43 staff members, of which 18 are teaching staff with plans to increase the teaching faculty by 2021.

Academic Calendar

The ISZ school calendar typically runs from mid-August to mid-June. The academic year is divided into 3 terms. The first term begins in August and finishes in November. The second term begins in November and finishes in March. The third term begins in March and finishes in June. All Tanzanian national holidays are observed.



The school is a candidate for accreditation from the Middle States Association (MSA). Future boarding programme

It is the International School of Zanzibar’s intention to pursue a boarding programme to accommodate secondary students from the surrounding region. This is an attempt to increase student numbers and support the A-Level programme.

The boarding programme will need to focus/reflect on the best boarding practises in staffing, curriculum, policies, facilities and marketing.


 Position overview

ISZ seeks an experienced leader of learning with the capacity, drive and resilience to lead an international school community. The Head of School should be visionary and flexible and build on the progress the school has made in the past years.

Areas that the school will be focusing on in the next few years are:

  •  Ensuring the school’s long-term financial stability
  • Marketing the school to grow in enrollment and income.
  • Strengthen the secondary school and A-Level programme
  • Future boarding programme

Job Description

The Head of School is responsible for the organisation and execution of effective daily operations at ISZ, the general administration of all instructional, business and other operations of ISZ, whilst taking the legal requirements for all educational matters into account. The Head of School performs all the duties and accepts all of the responsibilities usually required in carrying out policies, school regulations and other tasks entrusted to him/her by the Board of Trustees. The Head of School Reports to the Board of Trustees and in accordance with the policies of the Board performs the following duties:


In consultation with the Educational Leadership Team (ELT) and staff to be responsible, directly or through effective delegation, for the implementation of:

School Year Planning

  • To drive the implementation of the School’s 3 year strategic plan
  • To guide the School through any authorization, self study and accreditation processes
  • The selection and ordering of routine school resources within the budget.
  • The overall planning of the school’s curriculum delivery
  • The preparation of class lists within agreed size limits
  • The annual review of admissions policy in conjunction with the Board
  • The Facilitation of weekly staff meeting
  • Assemblies and events open to parents
  • Written termly progress reports and parent/guardian teacher interviews
  • Regular newsletters and communications to parents


  • Lead the Curriculum review with the aims of it being: broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated.
  • Effective delivery of the curriculum throughout the school.
  • The provision of knowledge of the curriculum and awareness of relevant changes to parents.

Professional Development

  • The annual appraisal of all staff with subsequent summarised reports to the Board in Term 3.
  • Organising the agreed number of inservice training days for staff development.
  • The provision of continuous professional support and advice to all teachers. Management

In consultation with the Operations Manager, ELT and operational staff to be responsible, directly or through effective delegation:


  • To supervise the Operations Manager, Accountant, Human Resources administrator, ICT Support and Ground Staff in their duties.
  • Coordinates, guides, and delegates the activities of the Educational Leadership Team in an atmosphere of collaboration and support;
  • To ensure that the school complies with the legal and financial requirements of the Government of Zanzibar, with advice and support from members of the Board.
  • To liaise with the appropriate agencies in matters relating to tax, insurance and legalities, sharing this responsibility with the Board.
  • To ensure the school grounds, buildings and equipment are maintained and properly used.
  • To approve admissions of individual children to the school in accordance with the constitution and admission policy.
  • To implement safety and security procedures appropriate for the school.


  • To advise and report to the Board on staffing level requirements.
  • To present to the Board a Job description for all employees and to keep them updated.
  • To supervise all staff and ensure that they work in accordance with their job descriptions. 
  • To arrange for the recruitment of all staff in conjunction with Board approval.
  • To arrange for the professional appraisal of all staff in relation to their contract and job description.
  • To advise the Board on disciplinary procedures and to implement them.
  • To ensure that all staff have required work and residence permits and that renewals are made in good time.


  • To prepare the annual budget prior to the new academic year relating to the school development plan with advice from the treasurer and data from the Bursar. To present it to the general Meeting in Term 3.
  • To present proposals to the Board to amend the overall budget if required. ? To monitor and manage the budget according to the plan but having the flexibility to adjust expenditure under the global figure.
  • To monitor and manage an agreed accounting system with advice from the treasurer leaving responsibility for capital expenditure and reserves with the Board through the treasurer.



  • Act as representative of the school with parents/guardians and the wider community of Zanzibar.
  • To provide a professional report to the Board and General Meetings and be available for questioning.
  • To advise the Board on all relevant matters concerning the school.
  • To implement current school development plans as agreed by the Board and to review regularly.
  • To be aware of and adhere to Board policy on all matters
  • To be responsible for coordinating the school accreditation process.

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • Successful teaching and senior leadership experience, preferably Head of School, along with a significant background in the A-Level programme.
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Experience with successful implementation of strategic plans and providing educational vision.
  • An awareness and ability to operate the school in a fiscally sound manner.
  • An ability to manage successfully the development and expansion of the school. Strength in marketing and admissions.
  • Setting up and managing a boarding facility experience
  • A strong interpersonal and communication skills with a broad range of people.
  • Empathy with, and an understanding of students, staff and parents and a capacity to develop a safe, secure and learning environment
  • Open to considering a commitment beyond the initial three year contract Desired Skills and Ability
  • Ability to create and implement a school community involvement strategy that will ensure the community is involved with the school and have confidence in the school’s leadership
  • Promoting a culture of inclusion
  • Exercising good judgment in difficult circumstances
  • Energy and stamina, passion, commitment and a sense of humour.
  • Promoting a Collaborative style of leadership and the effective recruitment, development and performance of the academic staff.
  • Commitment to equality and diversity
  • Demonstrate reliability, commitment and integrity


Salary and Benefits

The salary and benefits package is competitive and will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. The initial contract is for a period of three years, but the School is looking for a candidate willing to stay longer to provide continuity.

Application Procedure

Interested candidates should send an application AT THE EARLIEST, but no later than January 15, 2021 (the review of files will begin as soon as applications are received).

Candidates should note that in the event an outstanding applicant is identified early in the search process, the school reserves the right to make an appointment before the deadline mentioned above. For this reason it is VERY IMPORTANT that interested candidates apply as soon as possible. Applications should be sent to head_search@isz.co.tz Candidates should send the information requested below. It must be submitted EXACTLY in the form and manner requested.

  • A letter of application explaining your strengths as a candidate against the job description and person specification and why you are interested in this position
  • A current resume
  • A statement outlining your educational philosophy and leadership style
  • A list of 5 references with current phone numbers and email addresses
  • A maximum of four letters of reference which may already be in your possession

Please note that ALL the above materials must be scanned into a SINGLE PDF ATTACHMENT (low resolution preferred).

For further information about the school please visit www.isz.co.tz


Did You Know…?

Senior Associate John Ritter consults on matters of governance, planning, head and board transition, and staff development with schools all over the world.