Risk Management Advisor at Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia
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Risk Management Advisor
Jakarta Intercultural School (Indonesia)

Nov 9, 21
Jan 31, 22


POSITION:                      Risk Management Advisor

REPORTS TO:                Head of School

CONTRACT TERM:     2 School Years (2022-2024)

JOB OPENING:              09 November 2022 – 31 January 2022

External: we reserve the right to end the recruitment process once a suitable candidate is found


School Details

With five original students, Jakarta Intercultural School was founded by UN workers in 1951. These pioneers introduced relevant schooling in English for children of expats in the newfound Republic of Indonesia. From early days the school's international identity was clear. It was originally named the Joint Embassy School (JES) after its British, American, Australian and (then) Yugoslavian embassy partners. Just over a decade later, in 1978, JES became Jakarta International School (JIS) and in 2014, Jakarta Intercultural School.

Today, with high expectations for standards based, results oriented, engaged learning and a culture where students seek personal excellence in every pursuit, JIS helps each community member become their best to be best for the world.


As JIS continues its 70-year journey, we value each decade and each learner whose personal story betters our own. With 1,900 students, around 260 faculty, and countless alumni and parents contributing daily to the school's legacy and the world around us, we can only be encouraged, humbled, and motivated to keep learning together for the sake of our students' borderless future.



JIS campuses and facilities support exceptional curricular and co-curricular learning experiences for students in safe, clean, and well-protected spaces. Each campus offers air-conditioned and wireless classrooms; dedicated visual and performing arts theaters; technology labs; age-appropriate library/media centers; cafeterias; as well as swimming pools, fields, covered recreational spaces, and gymnasiums. Each JIS campus offers a serene, tropical oasis for the JIS Community in Jakarta.


The Risk Management Advisor is ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the students both on and off the JIS campuses. In addition, as a large international school and employee, the Risk Management Advisor is responsible for the safety and security of all faculty and staff. The School’s assets include both the human (the community of approximately 7,000 students, parents, employees, and other visitors) and the physical (across three campuses and various housing complexes). The Advisor has a duty of care to ensure that all reasonable care is taken care of to ensure the safety of all against accidental damage or malicious intent to harm. The role of the Risk Management Advisor is to assist the Head of School in assessing a comprehensive annual risk and management program, as well as to assist the leadership team with all aspects of this responsibility. This position reports to and is evaluated annually by the Head of School on the basis of this job description and objectives established on a yearly basis.


1. Minimum Master’s degree or equivalent degrees/certification in this field.
2. Relevant administrative credential in risk management or security.
3. Minimum 5 years of experience in the armed services, security forces, or police to officer level.
4. General management experience and commercial awareness of risk management in areas such as data protection, emergency, and contingency planning, etc.
5. Operational experience in security-related functions, protection details, or similar, where a strong awareness of threatened or natural disaster risk and the need for defensive and protective action is required.
6. Previous experience in outdoor pursuits, outward bound or similar activities, so as to be able to assist with field trip risk management.
7. Strong leadership skills, organizational ability, initiative, effective communication, and interpersonal skills.
8. Demonstrated cultural sensitivity.
9. Understanding of living in a foreign country, expatriate services and needs, host country services and needs, working with different constituent groups.
10. Understanding and experience partnering with embassy security personnel or other organizational security companies and personnel in support of the JIS community
11. Fluency in both English and Indonesian preferred.
12. A clear commitment to Child Protection, safety, service learning, and environmental stewardship.


1. Security Function
Responsible for the overall management of the security function which comprises a mix of JIS employees and contracted security service providers

a. Determining appropriate staffing levels and structures to provide appropriate security coverage on all school-owned properties.
b. Advising on appropriate security infrastructure systems, including perimeter defenses, CCTV coverage, campus access, alarms, etc.
c. Preparing regular reports to senior administration in relation to security and recommending strategic initiatives, personnel, procedural and policy changes.
d. Ensuring an effective balance between “defensive” security, such as screening visitors before admittance, and the School’s commitment to being an inclusive community in which all legitimate visitors feel welcomed through staff training and performance evaluation systems.
e. Monitoring general security threat levels in Indonesia and Jakarta that may impact the School or its communities and advising on appropriate action.
f. Following up and investigating all security-related incidents, particularly regarding theft, and keeping the senior administration advised of all matters that arise.

2. Risk Management
Working with the divisional leadership teams with regards to risk assessment and mitigation for student field trips and activities
a. Managing the Duty Manager system.
b. Conducting field trip assessment as required.
c. Monitoring and following up on incidents to ensure that systems are strengthened based on specific experiences.
d. Managing the School’s relationship with iSoS and the Emergency Evacuation and Response Plans (MERPS) for each trip.
e. Developing specific protocols for pandemics and similar threats with the Health Officer.

3. Emergency Response and Contingency Planning
Advising on how the School should respond in the event of potential natural disasters
a. Maintaining and updating the School’s Emergency Procedures Manual and related documentation.
b. Ensuring that all members of staff are properly briefed on their roles and responsibilities, particularly as part of their initial orientation to JIS.
c. Advising the Crisis Management Team.
d. Ensuring the emergency communication plans and tools are up to date and fully functional.
e. Working with divisions to ensure that regular and timely drills are conducted, and performance reviewed to identify weaknesses in the systems.
f. Consulting with the leadership team during any crisis or event needing security.
g. Leading when there is a crisis, working and leading in collaboration with all including security team, leadership team, faculty, staff, students, and families, and JIS community.

4. Health, Safety and Security Committee
Convening the Health, Safety, and Security Committee which meets monthly, soliciting agenda items and following up on issues raised and agreements reached or actions identified to ensure that issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

5. Data Protection
Stewards the School’s data protection efforts to ensure that it processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers, or any other individuals in compliance with the applicable data protection rules.

6. Other
a. Maintaining regular contact with the security officers of the founding embassies (American, British and Australian) to ensure that there is shared communication on security-related issues that might impact the School.
b. Building and maintaining general networking connections with relevant law and security enforcement agencies in Jakarta and in particular with the local communities surrounding the School.
c. Responding to all security-related inquiries on behalf of the School.
d. Advising on all security-related aspects for JIS events, etc.
e. Advising on personal safety issues and assisting JIS employees where necessary.

7. Performing other related duties and assuming other responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School


Interested qualified candidate, please send your cover letter, resume and 3-5 list of professional references to the Human Resources Manager, Megumi Runturambi, at leadershipapplicant@jisedu.or.id

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Senior Associate John Ritter consults on matters of governance, planning, head and board transition, and staff development with schools all over the world.